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Breast Health Check for 40+

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Put your mind at ease and take the first step to better breast health.

If you would like to learn more about your breast health, you may wish to consider a breast screening package.

The first step to understanding your individual breast health may be to book a Breast health check for over 40s with us, at our highly advanced Breast Centre at King Edward VII’s Hospital in the heart of Marylebone.

Prices from



  • A consultation with one of our breast health consultants
  • Mammogram
  • Ultrasound of your Breasts and Axilla (under the arm)
  • Follow up discussion with the consultant

Enquiries & appointments

Get the expert diagnosis you need to move forward with your recovery, without the wait.

For more information or to make an appointment:

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We'll be in touch within one working day to answer your query or arrange an appointment.


King Edward VII's Hospital,
5-10 Beaumont Street,
Marylebone, London W1G 6AA

Your all-inclusive package starts from just £995

Your one stop breast health check will include the recording of your general health, previous wellness and family history to complement a holistic evaluation.

  • A consultation with one of our breast health consultants
  • Mammogram
  • Ultrasound of your Breasts and Axilla (under the arm)
  • Follow up appointment

We offer streamlined person-centred care and with no waiting lists to worry about, you can be seen at a time that suits you, starting the next phase of your recovery right away.

Please note this package is suitable for asymptomatic patients aged over 40. If you are under this age you should look at our breast health check for under 40s.

The King Edward VII's Hospital Breast Health Centre

The King Edward VII’s Hospital Breast Health Centre offers a caring and compassionate approach with highly advanced treatments and techniques.  Our services are Consultant led, together with a highly acclaimed multi-disciplinary team.

We have considered and planned the care we provide which encompasses holistic support to meet individual needs within a private and peaceful setting. We are also advanced in delivering exceptional radiology reporting both in quality and speed, leaving more time for you.

Our expertise in diagnosing and treating breast health

Our large ultrasound imaging room offers ample space for our patients to bring a friend or loved one with them with additional partitioning for personal privacy.

Our highly acclaimed Breast Consultants work closely with leading Radiologists to ensure you receive the best possible care and our Breast Clinical Nurse Specialists will be with you at every step with advice, guidance and support.

Take comfort that in designing The King Edward VII’s Breast Unit, every last detail has been considered for you.

Meet your breast screening specialist

Mr Jason Lee  ›
Special interests include:
Breast Surgery (+ 9 more)
Miss Cheryl Lobo  ›
Special interests include:
Breast Surgery (+ 9 more)
Miss Christina Choy  ›
Special interests include:
Oncoplastic Breast Surgery (+ 10 more)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose which consultant I see?

Absolutely. Self-funding your treatment enables you to choose when you are seen, and who you are seen by. King Edward VII’s Hospital consultants are among the finest in the UK, so you can be sure you are choosing one of the best for your breast condition.

Is the price fixed irrespective of how complex my breast health problem is?

This breast health check is suitable for anyone looking to get a better understanding of their breast health, however is more complex investigation is required, there would be a supplemental cost.

Should your breast health check be more complex and require further investigations, these will be discussed with you by your consultant, and the normal hospital rates would be charged should you decide to continue your assessment.

Can I use my private health insurance?

If you have private medical insurance, you can still choose when you are seen and who you are seen by, from the same list of outstanding specialists.

The booking process is a little different. This ‘package’ price has been created for self-funding patients only and is not applicable to patients with private medical insurance.

However, if you have private medical insurance, the costs of consultations, diagnostics and treatment should be covered. Check with your insurance provider that your condition and chosen consultant’s fees are covered as you may have to pay an excess or shortfall, and obtain pre-authorisation before booking. Your insurance provider will likely require a GP referral too.

If you need any help with the process, our team is always on hand. Please call 020 7467 4344.

Do I need a GP referral?

You do not need to have a GP referral for a breast health check, although it would be useful to have one.

Do I need to prepare for a breast health check?

It would be useful if you could bring copies of any previous imaging (e.g. x-rays), and any details you have relating to previous treatment(s).

How long will the health check take?

The health check will take up to a couple of hours including scans and consultations.

If I need an operation, will it be done by the consultant who sees me?

Yes, absolutely. Self-funding your treatment enables you to be seen by the same specialist from your very first meeting, to your operation, to your follow up consultation. It is still your choice, and there is no obligation to see the same consultant, but you should be aware that if you choose to see another specialist, they will require you to have an initial consultation prior to any surgery.

Please note: If you need urgent surgical intervention, you may be offered the next available appropriate consultant. Don’t worry, you will be given ample time to meet him or her pre-operatively.

What happens during a breast health check?

Initially your consultant will take time to assess your general well-being, medical history, family history and any concerns.

Following your personalised assessment, you will have your mammogram before having you a breast ultrasound.

Following your scans you will meet with your consultant who will take time to talk through the results and make any recommendations for you.  You will also have time to ask any questions that you may have.

What do I wear for a breast health check?

You don’t need to wear anything specific for your health check, just what you’re comfortable in.

Will I receive the results and follow up consultation in the same day?

You will be given your results whilst you are with us, following your imaging.  If any further tests are recommended, we will talk these through with you and together we will make a plan for next steps.