Private Medical Insurance

If you require medical treatment and you have private medical insurance, whether paid for by you or your work, you can be treated privately at King Edward VII’s Hospital and avoid long hospital waiting lists.

How to pay for treatment with PMI

Access private medical treatment with your private medical insurance (PMI) with the world class treatments on offer from King Edward VII’s hospital. Avoid excessive waiting lists and commence your journey to recovery.

Choose from some of the UK’s top consultants in a wide range of specialties, and be treated in the private, peaceful and supportive environment that our hospital has become renowned for.

To make sure your consultant appointment and hospital admission go as smoothly as possible, ensure you follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Obtain a GP referral letter

Before applying for treatment it is essential your GP issues you with a referral letter detailing the appropriate care. This is a mandatory requirement for all insurers in the UK.

Your GP may not be aware of your PMI. In such cases they may suggest referring you to an NHS specialist, so if you wish to take advantage of your PMI then you must inform your GP during your appointment.

In order to be referred to King Edward VII’s Hospital, simply ask your GP to provide you with an open referral. This allows you to choose your own specialist from our expert consultant list – or we can help by recommending the most suitable physician for your medical condition.

Step 2: Check with your Insurer before booking

Once you have obtained a referral letter and chosen your consultant, we would advise you to contact your insurance company to ensure that all consultative, diagnostic and treatment services are covered by your plan.

In order to aid your enquiry, it often helps to have your insurance membership number and referral details on hand when you call. If your insurance policy covers your treatment, then they should issue you with a pre-authorisation number.

Should you find that your insurance does not cover treatment with your chosen consultant, call our help team on 020 7467 4344 and one of our advisors will help you to find an alternative specialist as part of King Edward VII’s commitment to client care.

Step 3: Leave us to invoice your Insurer

On some occasions your insurer may require you to pay an excess, such as the first £100 of your treatment. Contacting your insurer before treatment will also allow you to confirm whether your application will be subject to any additional charges.

Following any excess payments, King Edward VII’s Hospital subsequently invoices your insurer directly, covering all additional paperwork, allowing you to focus on your recovery and treatment.

Use our direct helpline number to discuss using your PMI for treatment at our hospital or to ask any other questions. Call us on 020 7647 4344.

Covered by PMI?

Use the information on this page to make the process of using your PMI as smooth as possible. Should you have any additional questions – please contact our dedicated help team prior to making an appointment.

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