Patient Satisfaction

King Edward VII’s Hospital is committed to consistently delivering the highest standards of personalised, patient-centred care to our patients.

Patient Satisfaction


As a quality-driven organisation, your safety is our number one priority, and your physical and emotional needs are considered every step of the way at what can be a vulnerable period in your life.

We believe every patient should be treated as an individual and we have a ‘no-compromises’ attitude when it comes to making your stay as safe and as comfortable as possible.

The feedback we receive in our patient satisfaction surveys not only re-affirms why we do what we do, it also helps us to continuously move forward in our provision of care and customer service. The results are collated each month by an independent external healthcare company and we are proud to share them with you.

The latest results shown below are for the month of December 2019.




Patients said they would either be 'Extremely likely' or 'Likely' to recommend.



Patients told us that their overall quality of care was either 'Good' or better.



Patients rated their welcome at reception as 'Good' or better.



Patients rated their overall opinion of nursing as 'Good' or better.



Patients rated their overall opinion of the Consultant as 'Good' or better.



Patients said 'Yes, always' when asked if they were treated with respect and dignity.



Patients rated their overall opinion of catering as 'Good' or better.



Patients answered 'Yes, definitely' when asked if they were involved as much as they wanted in decisions.



Patients rated their overall opinion of accommodation as 'Good' or better.

Inpatient feedback

We love reading the comments left by patients in our satisfaction surveys, and we are delighted to share a selection of our favourites from December 2019:

From entering very early in the morning to leaving, all staff were exceptionally kind, attentive and thoughtful.

Such kind and empathetic care from the moment I walked through the door. I had a wonderful nurse who was so attentive. Clean, well-appointed room and comfortable.

Practical and supportive nursing, and a very good physio team. Nice room, clean and spacious. I was very comfortable overall, I felt cared for, very good food, lovely hydro pool.

The best hospital experience I have ever had, and I've had a few. Thank you to all the kind staff for looking after me so well.

In all departments visited both pre and post op, everyone was patient and helpful. Whilst on the ward recovering all nurses were gentle and kind. The hydro therapy team were so helpful. I feel they are the reason I feel so good and they enabled my recovery to progress so quickly. The encouragement of all your staff I feel must play a big deal in the mental well-being of your patients.