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Veterans Pain Management Programme

We help veterans enjoy a greater quality of life by teaching them how to manage pain. The Veterans PMP is the only Pain Management Programme in the UK exclusively offered for Veterans.

Services postponed due to coronavirus

It is with sincere regret that we inform you of our difficult decision to suspend our Veterans’ Pain Management Programmes, Veterans’ Pain Clinic, and the Military Grants Fund process for the foreseeable future.

At this time, in order to protect patients, we are looking at helping those on our current Pain Management Programmes by offering some remote consultations. If you are currently on a Pain Management Programme, you will be contacted shortly. We aim to recommence the Programmes as soon as we can do so.

What is the Pain Management Programme?

“The staff are absolutely amazing and have the most superb knowledge and understanding.”

Hear from Jo-Anne about the life-changing medical treatment you can expect:

The Pain Management Programme is a five day residential programme run by The Centre For Veterans’ Health, with five follow up day sessions over the course of six months. The Programme is specifically designed to help Veterans who have been suffering with chronic pain to get the correct assessment, diagnosis, and treatment as quickly as possible. It is offered free of charge to Veterans from all Services and aims to help you feel empowered to return to life as you knew it, pre-trauma.

The Programme benefits from the expertise of an inter-disciplinary team of consultants in pain medicine, psychology and psychiatry, with the complimentary expertise of a specialist pain nurse and pain physiotherapist. The team are leaders in their field with extensive experience helping people with persistent pain to improve their lives.

What are the potential benefits of the Programme?

If the programme is right for you, it could result in a range of improvements which may include:

  • Improvement to physical function and ability
  • Improvement to individual understanding of persistent pain conditions and beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that may be increasing and maintaining distress and difficulties
  • Reduced pain related distress
  • Reviewed medication, which may reduce debilitating side effects
  • Development of ways to manage flare up of pain
  • Start, return to or increase meaningful activities in day-to-day life
  • Increased confidence to try new activities/hobbies, and to minimise the impact of pain on lifestyle
  • Reducing the ‘bothersomeness’ of pain so one feels more in control and more able to manage feelings such as distress, anger, fear or sadness

Support from the Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch

We’re thrilled that we’ve received support for the Programme through the Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch and ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the national charity of the British Army. The Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch helps to raise awareness of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, as well as the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity and the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund.

The Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch is one of the City of London’s largest fundraisers for all veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Lunch is hosted by the Lord Mayor and attended by a Royal Guest of Honour each year.

Since 2019, the Lunch has been associated with the Civic and Mayoral theme of ‘employment and employability’. As part of a grant given by ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the Lunch has very generously agreed to fund up to 18 veterans on the Programme between 2019-21, at a cost up to £120,000 each year (£6,500 per individual).

The Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch is taking place on 2 April 2020 – find out more about the event.


How To Apply

To take part in the Programme you will first need a referral from your GP. We will send you an application form along with a form to take along with you to your GP appointment for your GP to sign.

Your application will be assessed by our specialist pain team who will make sure the course is right for you. If the clinicians agree that the course will benefit you, you will receive an invitation to attend the next Programme.

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