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Veterans’ Pain Management Programme

We help veterans enjoy a greater quality of life by teaching them how to manage pain. The Veterans’ Pain Management Programme (PMP) is an innovative PMP which we offer exclusively for Veterans’ of the Armed Forces.

How to apply for the next virtual Pain Management Programme

This involves the completion of an application form and then if suitable you will be invited to attend an assessment with members of the pain management team via Zoom/telephone.

This is detailed at the bottom of this webpage.

What is the Pain Management Programme?

“I’ve seen the benefit of the course and it’s well worth putting some funds into it.”

Hear from John about the life-changing medical treatment you can expect:

A PMP is a group-based programme delivered by expert clinicians including a psychologist, nurse and physiotherapist who will share up to date information about pain science and offer practical strategies to help with pain management. The aim is to introduce a range of pain management strategies that are designed to help with the day-to-day management of pain and also, to provide an environment for veterans to share their experiences and gain support from other group members.

Individuals with persistent pain can often feel isolated and unsure of how to plan for the future. Addressing these issues and many others can help reduce the negative impact that pain can have. We believe that the involvement of a support network can be helpful for the success of any treatment. Therefore, family and friends are invited to attend one of the days scheduled halfway through the programme. We do not share anything that has been discussed on the PMP with family or friends, but the aim is to help family and friends understand more about persistent pain and to give information about what we do on the programme.

The programme is a ten day virtual programme run over nine months and delivered virtually on Zoom. The virtual Pain Management Programme delivers the same content as the previously run face-to-face programme, without the need for you to travel or stay in London.

The pain management team work closely with the group and all the educational and practical sessions encourage discussion and is adaptive to the needs of each group.

Useful Information about the Pain Management Programme

If the programme is right for you, it could result in a range of improvements which may include:

  • Improvement to physical function and ability
  • Improvement to individual understanding of persistent pain conditions and beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that may be increasing and maintaining distress and difficulties
  • Reduced pain related distress
  • Reviewed medication, which may reduce debilitating side effects
  • Development of ways to manage flare up of pain
  • Start, return to or increase meaningful activities in day-to-day life
  • Increased confidence to try new activities/hobbies, and to minimise the impact of pain on lifestyle
  • Reducing the ‘bothersomeness’ of pain so one feels more in control and more able to manage feelings such as distress, anger, fear or sadness

Why choose King Edward VII's Hospital

King Edwards VII’s Hospital has many years’ experience of working with veterans and of delivering pain management programmes. The pain management team delivered the first veteran specific pain management programme in the UK in 2015. They deliver between six and eight programmes a year with eight to ten veterans per PMP.  The data from these programmes shows significant positive outcomes for the majority of veterans who have attended a programme and the recent publication written by the pain management team demonstrated this.

Jannie Van Der Merwe*, Suzanne Brook, Claire Fear, Maxwell J. Benjamin, Gerald Libby, Amanda C. de C. Williams and Andrew P. Baranowski Military veterans with and without post-traumatic stress disorder: results from a chronic pain management programme Scand J Pain 2020

Comments from Veterans who have attended the programme

I would recommend this to anyone who has long term pain. I never thought that I could find a non-invasive option to help me with my pain and its management until now.’

‘The programme has been hugely beneficial in helping me to understand my long term pain and identify potential triggers as well as providing positive coping mechanisms.’

‘In hindsight the PMP me realise how low I had been before. The ability to understand and specify where the pain locations is also hugely beneficial.  I feel much more confident about my ability to succeed again’

‘I feel much more confident now and able to do more, but to pace myself. I also feel more confident that my pain is not being caused my further injury, which has relieved my anxiety in relation to my pain’

‘I have found the support and communication towards individual support networks (i.e., GPs and professional medical services, family and friends) absolutely fantastic. Also the knowledge that further support is available if required’

‘Zoom was wonderful for me, I would not have been able to cope with face to face and travelling’

Support from the Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch

We’re thrilled that we’ve received support for the Programme through the Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch and ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the national charity of the British Army. The Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch helps to raise awareness of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, as well as the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity and the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund.

The Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch is one of the City of London’s largest fundraisers for all veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Lunch is hosted by the Lord Mayor and attended by a Royal Guest of Honour each year.

Since 2019, the Lunch has been associated with the Civic and Mayoral theme of ‘employment and employability’. As part of a grant given by ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the Lunch has very generously agreed to fund up to 18 veterans on the Programme between 2019-21, at a cost up to £120,000 each year (£6,500 per individual).


We were nominated for a HSJ award

We are delighted that the Pain Management Programme was shortlisted in the Military and Civilian Health Partnership category at the HSJ Awards 2020, despite tough competition from over 1,000 entries.

Read more about our nomination

See the full list of finalists

How to apply for the next virtual Pain Management Programme

Application Form
Application Form

In order to apply for an assessment you will firstly need to contact Caroline Dunne (please see below for contact details) for an application form or complete the online form. The application form gives us a bit more detail about yourself and your pain. In addition to the application form  we also need your GP to complete a referral form. We are unfortunately unable to consider your application if you are not registered with a NHS GP practice.

Download the Application Form  

Download the GP Referral Form

Proof of service is also required.

Assessment Session
Assessment Session

Once the clinical team have the above information and you are suitable to be offered an assessment, you will be invited for an assessment with a multi-disciplinary team consisting of a Consultant in Pain Medicine, Specialist Physiotherapist, Consultant Psychiatrist and Consultant Psychologist, all who specialise in Pain Management.

This assessment takes about two hours. It is important to note that this is an assessment for suitability for the programme only. The PMP is not necessarily the best treatment option for all veterans with their unique histories of persistent pain or other difficulties.  Where appropriate we may suggest other options for you and your GP to consider.

For you to gain the most from the programme, at assessment we will be interested in knowing more about how the pain is affecting you and also what it is stopping you from doing, what you may like to do more of, return to or start doing.

After the assessment you will then receive a letter informing you of what happens next, much of which we will have discussed with you during the assessment. If we all think the programme will be of benefit, you will be offered dates to attend. You will need to attend all the dates, so it’s helpful to check diaries before accepting a place. Last minute cancellations for either the assessment or one of the programmes, mean that another veteran with persistent pain is being deprived of the opportunity to attend.

If following assessment we think that the PMP will not offer what you need, we will inform you and your GP and make recommendations as appropriate.

What Next?
What Next?

If you would like to apply for an assessment to be considered for the next virtual Pain Management Programme, please complete and submit the online application form or call Caroline Dunne on the number below.

We will give you a referral form that you will need to ask your GP to complete before you can be assessed for the programme.

You will be asked to provide a copy of your proof of service, this could include (but is not limited to):

  • Certificate of Service
  • Pension Entitlement Letter
  • Medical Discharge Letter
  • A copy of your Red/Blue Book
  • A copy of your ID Card

Please note, in order to attend the virtual Programme, you must have access to the internet and a computer/laptop with video and audio functions.

If you have any questions about the application process contact our Programme Administrator, Caroline Dunne, on:


Tel: 0207 467 4370

Apply Now

In order to apply for an assessment to join our PMP, please download our application form or complete the online forms at the bottom of this page.

Download Form