International Patients

King Edward VII’s Hospital is proud to welcome international patients, extending access to world-leading medical expertise and impeccable standards of patient care.

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The International Patient Centre at King Edward VII’s Hospital is dedicated to providing exceptional private healthcare and a smooth experience to overseas patients.

If you are an international patient or are from an embassy you could benefit from the exceptional care and patient experience at King Edward VII’s Hospital. Our International Liaison Department are on hand to help with any queries you may have. Alternatively call +44 (0)20 7467 4301 to book a treatment.


We welcome embassy sponsored, insured and self-funding patients

Our International Liaison Department are multi-lingual and assist patients with the following:

  • Booking appointments with the appropriate consultant
  • Obtaining treatment quotes and helping organise payment
  • Coordinating treatment with the sponsor, embassy or insurance company
  • Arranging direct admissions to our Critical Care Unit for complex cases
  • Support for patients’ families

Patients are supported by our International Liaison Department from the moment we receive their initial medical reports, throughout treatment and discharge and until they are safely back in their home country.


A Home Away from Home

We understand the importance of providing bespoke services in line with international patients’ cultural, religious and language needs. As part of our commitment to patient comfort away from home, we have developed the following range of services for international patients:

  • International satellite TV channels for inpatients
  • Complimentary interpreter service
  • Award winning restaurant quality food, tailored to individual dietary needs
  • High speed Wi-Fi internet in all patient areas
  • Nursing staff experienced in dealing with various cultural needs
  • Inpatient companion accommodation
  • International newspapers

We appreciate that being away from home for treatment can be difficult for the whole family. While patients focus on their health, our International Liaison Department ensure important relatives and associates receive the information and support they need.

We welcome you

Our International Liaison Department offers you a unique concierge service, providing support with all aspects of your treatment including booking local accommodation and transport.

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