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Your Personalised Care

You will receive personalised, patient-centred care of the highest standards at King Edward VII’s Hospital.

Meeting your nursing team

Not long after you’ve settled into your room, a nurse will visit to prepare you for treatment. They will put you at ease by explaining everything carefully and making sure you understand what to expect. This includes going through any relevant paperwork.

They will perform some straightforward checks including blood pressure, heart rate and temperature, and ask you some questions about your health.

The nurse will give you a wrist band with your name on it, which you must wear at all times while in hospital. Your nurse will also confirm any allergies with you and give you a red band if you have any.

Wherever possible and depending on the time of your admission, the nurse who first visits you will look after you throughout your stay. We’re committed to a low patient-to-nurse ratio, not only for continuity of care but also because we understand the importance of seeing a familiar face when you’re in hospital.

If it becomes necessary to hand over to another nurse, our highly experienced team will discuss your notes to make sure your care continues to the same high standards.

All of our staff wear identity badges and have distinctive uniforms depending on their job role.

A visit from your consultant

Your consultant will visit before your treatment. They’ll explain the procedure to you once more, so you understand what’s involved – including any risks – and will ask for your consent to proceed.

This is your opportunity to ask any last-minute questions in preparation for your surgery or treatment. Remember that your whole medical team is there for you: they want you to feel comfortable and safe at all times. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or have anything explained to you again.

In most cases, your consultant will visit after treatment to answer any further questions.

Meeting Consultant

Looking after our people

Our medical teams must feel supported and valued to deliver the highest levels of care.

We help them provide the quality care that has become a hallmark of King Edward VII’s Hospital by:

  • Keeping a strictly low patient-to-nurse ratio – meaning our nurses are never overloaded or rushed and always have time to assist you.
  • Having a limited bed capacity – so that the same nursing team are on hand to serve your every need.
  • Fostering a family atmosphere – many of our nurses have worked here for over ten years.
  • Providing regular training – so you benefit from the latest treatments, techniques and innovations.