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Endometriosis Awareness Month: How we’re raising awareness

We have a range of activity planned this month to raise awareness of Endometriosis Awareness Month. We recently shared the results of our endometriosis survey, are offering two upcoming webinars and showcasing personal stories from endometriosis sufferers on our Health Hub. We would also like to draw attention to the excellent work of our Endometriosis Centre, one of the only private endometriosis centres in the UK to be accredited by the British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (BSGE).

Our survey finds 4 in 5 women delaying help for endometriosis

We ran a recent survey about endometriosis and how it affects women’s daily lives, which found that almost 13 million women are living in pain, attempting to self-treat and delay seeking help for endometriosis symptoms due to the pandemic.

Our research found that, during Covid, 4 in 5 women (80%) have delayed seeking help for potential symptoms of endometriosis (including debilitating pain, pain when going to the toilet, pelvic pain or blood in the urine when on their period).

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Register for our free endometriosis webinars

We will host two webinars this month: one focusing on the link between endometriosis and fertility, and one about  severe endometriosis.

Both will be led by leading expert in endometriosis treatment, Mr Alfred Cutner. Find out more and register below:

Endometriosis explained

Date and time: 7pm on Wednesday 10 March

Speakers: Alfred Cutner, Joel Naftalin, Michael Dooley and Carla Cressy

Chair: Dame Prof Lesley Regan

‘Endometriosis Explained’ is a series of concise talks by UK-leading gynaecologists on the complex condition of endometriosis, covering how it is diagnosed, how it affects fertility, and the treatment options available.

Guest speaker and endometriosis sufferer Carla Cressy will share her patient experience story, and then we’ll have a lengthy Q&A session with our panel, giving you the chance to ask them questions.

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Severe endometriosis explained

Date: 17 March

Speakers: Alfred Cutner, Al Windsor, Daron Smith and Renata Marucha

A series of concise talks on severe cases of endometriosis, covering how a multidisciplinary team of experts can help, the treatment options available, the role of a Clinical Nurse Specialist and a patient experience story.

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Sharing personal stories of endometriosis

Women affected by endometriosis share their experiences in our Health Hub articles. Freelance writer, Hannah de Gruchy gives her own top tips for managing to exercise with an endometriosis diagnosis.

Patient Holly Patel shares her difficult – but ultimately life-changing – journey from diagnosis to treatment at our hospital.

About our Endometriosis Centre

Our BSGE-accredited Endometriosis Centre is led by world-renowned expert in severe endometriosis Mr Alfred Cutner. He says: “We have an outstanding team of recognised experts who deliver patient-centred care within a state-of-the-art operating theatre. For many years, our team has worked together for the safe treatment of women with advanced endometriosis, involving the bowel and urinary tract.”

Patients are also guided and assessed by Clinical Nurse Specialist Renata Marucha – who says: “Patients really benefit from my support right from the start. I ensure individualised care for each woman, providing reassurance to patients and families to build trust and a rapport. I help them take back control with a better understanding of endometriosis and the treatment options available to them.”

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