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Virtual Consultations

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Under the current Covid-19 restrictions, you may be feeling uncertain about seeking the healthcare advice and treatment you need.

We understand how important it is to receive timely, expert, one-to-one care, and that’s why so many of our specialists are offering virtual consultations at this challenging time.

A telephone or video appointment gives you fast access to our experts from the comfort of your own home, and may relieve some of the anxiety you are feeling about seeking healthcare advice.

Book a Virtual Consultation

If you are seeking expert healthcare advice, many of our leading specialists are offering virtual consultations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can expect the same high level of service without the need to travel.

To book your virtual appointment, please call our dedicated appointments team on 020 7467 4344.

Make an Enquiry

What to expect from your virtual consultation

Once you’ve booked your appointment, your specialist will send you a confirmation via email with details of how to join the video meeting, or in the case of a telephone consultation, dial-in details.

If for any reason your specialist feels that a virtual consultation would not be appropriate for your symptoms or concerns, they will discuss this further with you and recommend other available options.

Your specialist will write to you with the outcome of the consultation and details of any tests or follow up you might need. If you’re prescribed medication, your consultant will send this to you to take to a retail pharmacy.

What will I need ?

Video and telephone consultations are nothing new, and they are very simple to set up. All you need is:

  • A private, quiet, well-lit room
  • A solid internet connection (or phone line)
  • A smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer
  • A video calling application such as Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or Microsoft Teams
  • Your microphone and camera switched on

As you will be discussing private health matters, it is your responsibility to make sure the conversation with your specialist cannot be overheard.

All major insurers are now covering remote consultations, but please do check this with your insurer when authorising your appointment.

If you are self-funding your appointment, payment will be arranged directly with your specialist.

Our specialists offering virtual consultations

Ms Susan Alexander  ›
Special interests include:
Shoulder Surgery (+ 2 more)
Miss Sian Allen  ›
Special interests include:
General Urology (+ 3 more)
Mr James Allibone  ›
Special interests include:
Sciatica (+ 7 more)
Photo of Professor Andrew Baranowski
Professor Andrew Baranowski
Special interests include:
Spinal Pain (+ 4 more)
Mr Toby Baring  ›
Special interests include:
Shoulder And Elbow Conditions (+ 5 more)
Professor Christopher Bunker  ›
Special interests include:
Dermatology (+ 2 more)
Mr Paul Cathcart  ›
Special interests include:
Prostate Cancer (+ 4 more)
Mr Sean Curry  ›
Special interests include:
Knee Surgery (+ 3 more)
Mr Michael Dooley  ›
Special interests include:
Reproductive Medicine (+ 6 more)
Professor Mark Emberton  ›
Special interests include:
Prostate Cancer (+ 3 more)
Mr Alan Farthing  ›
Special interests include:
Gynaecological Oncology (+ 3 more)
Mrs Veronica Ferguson  ›
Special interests include:
Cataract Surgery (+ 5 more)
Dr George Fieldman  ›
Special interests include:
Adjustment Disorder (+ 25 more)
Mr Amyn Haji  ›
Special interests include:
Colorectal Surgery (+ 11 more)
Mr Bijan Khoubehi  ›
Special interests include:
Uro-oncolgy (+ 4 more)
Dr Mark Kinirons  ›
Special interests include:
Falls (+ 5 more)
Dr Christopher McNamara  ›
Special interests include:
Lymphoma (+ 1 more)
Professor Caroline Moore  ›
Special interests include:
Prostate Cancer (+ 4 more)
Mr Jeremy Ockrim  ›
Special interests include:
Incontinence (+ 12 more)
Mr Nicholas Parkhouse  ›
Special interests include:
Skin Lesions (+ 6 more)
Professor David Reid  ›
Special interests include:
Osteoporosis (+ 10 more)
Mr Peter Reilly  ›
Special interests include:
Shoulder Surgery (+ 1 more)
Mr David Roberts  ›
Special interests include:
Rhinoplasty (+ 2 more)
Mr Andrew Sankey  ›
Special interests include:
Shoulder Fracture (+ 15 more)
Mr Michael Savvas  ›
Special interests include:
Reproductive Medicine (+ 5 more)
Mr Julian Shah  ›
Special interests include:
Incontinence (+ 10 more)
Mr Daron Smith  ›
Special interests include:
Urinary Tract Stone Disease (+ 11 more)
Mr Irfan Syed  ›
Special interests include:
General ENT (+ 4 more)
Mr Andrew Wallace  ›
Special interests include:
Sports Injuries (+ 4 more)
Mr Hugh Whitfield  ›
Special interests include:
Urinary Tract Stone Disease (+ 3 more)

Why King Edward VII's Hospital?

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Because our standards are apparent in everything we do…
  • Patient-centred care – placing you at the heart of everything we do
  • Hand-picked consultants– so you can choose from one of the finest specialists in the UK
  • Multidisciplinary approach – working together in specialist teams, deciding on a personalised treatment plan for you
  • Innovative treatments – state-of-the-art medical facilities designed with unparalleled safety and precision in mind
  • Quality and safety – prioritising high quality, safe and effective healthcare, always
  • Charitable work – any surplus we make goes into providing subsidised medical care to Veterans of the Armed Forces.

There is a reason why over 98% of our patients would recommend King Edward VII’s Hospital to family and friends.
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