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Learn more about mastopexy at King Edward VII’s Hospital

Why would I need a mastopexy?

As you age, breasts can begin to sag and change their shape. Some women choose to undergo a mastopexy so their breasts appear higher and more firm.

What symptoms does a mastopexy address?

After undergoing a mastopexy, breasts should appear higher and more firm. The position of your nipple will also be altered to reflect the change to your breast shape.

When should you speak to your specialist about a mastopexy?

If you feel unhappy about the shape of your breasts and feel that they are not as firm or high as you’d like, you might consider speaking to your specialist about the possibility of undergoing a mastopexy.

How is a mastopexy performed?

A mastopexy can take anywhere from 1.5-3 hours and is performed while you are under a general anaesthetic.

During the procedure, the surgeon will make an incision either around the areola, around the areola and vertically down the breast, or around the areola and both horizontally and vertically down the breast, and will then remove excess skin and lift the nipple.

The incision will then be closed with stitches. It’s possible that a drainage tube might also be inserted, but this will be removed before you are discharged from hospital.

What is the recovery for a mastopexy?

The recovery from a mastopexy can depend on a variety of factors, and you should discuss this with your surgeon.

You should be able to go home on the same day as your surgery.

You will likely be sore after your surgery, but you can use pain medication to help manage this. You will be required to wear a supportive bra for up to six weeks in order to keep your breasts in a suitable position for healing.

It’s advised that you avoid any strenuous activities for up to six weeks, and you will likely need to take at least two weeks off of work.

You and your surgeon will discuss your plan for recovery and can give you more specific information about what you can expect afterwards prior to your mastopexy.

Are there any risks/complications associated with a mastopexy?

As with any medical procedure, it is possible for risks or complications to arise. It is best that you speak with your specialist or surgeon about how best to avoid any adverse reactions.

Some complications that have been associated with a mastopexy include:

  • Infection
  • Slow wound healing
  • Excessive scarring
  • Pain
  • Numbness in the breast
  • Swelling
  • Developing a lump
  • Problems with breastfeeding
  • Cosmetic problems (asymmetry, wrinkles/folding of skin)
  • Loss of sensation in nipple
  • Fat necrosis
  • Haematoma

How can I prepare for a mastopexy?

Before you undergo a mastopexy, you should discuss any questions you have about the procedure or its recovery with your specialist.

You should try to be as healthy as possible in the run up to your surgery. This could mean that you quit smoking and try to stay active.

Your surgeon or specialist will advise you of any specific preparations that you should make in advance of your mastopexy.

Are there alternatives for a mastopexy?

Rather than undergoing a mastopexy, some women choose to wear a padded bra that can alter the appearance of their breasts.

Depending on your particular situation, your breast shape could be altered by undergoing a breast enlargement or augmentation surgery.

You should discuss what your options are with your healthcare team so that you can make the best decision for you.

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