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Breast Screening (Mammogram)

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Learn more about mammogram screening at King Edward VII’s Hospital

*New for 2024* Walk-in availability on Monday 8am – 6pm, pre-bookings Tuesday – Saturday

If you’re local and looking for a walk-in breast screening in Marylebone, London, King Edward VII’s Hospital has on the day availability for mammograms before and after working hours. A breast screening only takes 10 minutes to fit into your schedule.

Why would I need a mammogram?

A mammogram can detect breast cancer in its very early stages, even if you are not experiencing symptoms.

However, your specialist could recommend that you undergo a breast ultrasound if you’ve noticed any of the following symptoms:

  • A lump in your breast
  • Discharge from your nipples
  • A change in the shape of your breast
  • A change in appearance to your nipple
  • Your breast skin has become dimpled
  • A lump or swelling in the armpit
  • A rash around or on your nipple
  • Breast pain

What symptoms does a digital mammogram address?

A mammogram doesn’t address any symptoms, but is rather a screening that is done to detect breast cancer in its early stages, when it is most treatable.

When should you speak to your specialist about a mammogram screening?

If you are over 40, have a history of breast cancer in your family, or are concerned about any changes to your breasts or have any of the symptoms listed above, you might consider talking to your specialist about booking a routine mammogram screening.

Routine mammogram screening is suitable for anyone over the age of 40 who does not have any symptoms and who has had a routine scan over a year ago. This does not include a consultation with a consultant.

If you are under the age of 40 you may be interested in our Breast Health Check Package for under 40s

If you are over the age of 4o and would also like to speak to a consultant you may be interested in our Breast Health Check Package for 40+

Should I book a screening if i’m over 70 years old?

You should be invited to a mammogram every 3 years between ages 50 – 70 as part of the national breast screening programme. However, after the age of 70 you will no longer be routinely invited for a breast screening. Roughly 1 in 3 cases of breast cance occour in people aged 70 and above so having a mammogram can put your mind at ease.

How is a mammogram screening performed?

A mammogram takes approximately 10 minutes.

During the procedure, your breasts will be placed on a platform and compressed while an x-ray captures images from a variety of angles. These x-rays can show any abnormalities in your breasts that could be an indication of breast cancer.

If at any point your are nervous or anxious, simply let the staff member know who will talk you through the screening.

What is the recovery for a digital mammogram?

There is no real recovery from a digital mammogram, as it is a very safe and simple procedure and is not invasive.

If you have any questions about what you can expect mammogram, you should discuss them with your specialist before booking your mammogram.

Are there any risks/complications associated with a mammogram screening?

You should not experience any risks or complications after your mammogram screening.  However, there is always a slightly elevated risk of cancer due to exposure to radiation, and in some cases it’s possible to receive a false positive result from the exam.

If you do experience anything after your digital mammogram that is giving you cause for concern, you should speak to your specialist.

How can I prepare for a mammogram screening?

There is very little preparation for a digital mammogram. As you will need to remove all clothes from above your waist, you might want to consider wearing clothes that are easy to remove on the day of your procedure such as t-shirt or blouse.

You will be advised of any specific preparations that you should make in advance of your digital mammogram.

How do I get the results from my mammogram screening?

 For most appointments you will be told the results straight after your screening, but there may be incidences where you will be told them over the phone later on. You can request your results be sent to your specialists or GP on the day.

Will I need further investigations after my mammogram screening?

If the specialist is unable to get a clear enough image of your breasts, they may recommend you have a breast ultrasound or in some cases a breast MRI. If you are asked to have these further investigations it does not automatically mean there is any cause for concern, more often than not it is simply because the team would like a clearer image of your breasts.

Are there alternatives for a mammogram screening?

You might choose to undergo a mammogram with tomosynthesis. You should speak to your specialist to see whether this might be an option for you.

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