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Breast Micropigmentation

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Learn more about micropigmentation at King Edward VII’s Hospital

Why would I need micropigmentation?

Having breast reconstruction is a personal choice and not all women choose to have one after undergoing a mastectomy.

Some women find that having a breast reconstruction surgery has a positive impact on their confidence, but this is completely dependent on the individual.

Following breast reconstruction, many women choose to have micropigmentation to create the appearance of a nipple and areola.

When should you speak to your specialist about micropigmentation?

If you have undergone a mastectomy and you think you would be interested in having micropigmentation following breast reconstruction surgery, you should speak to our Breast Unit Manager to see if this option would be suitable for you.

How is micropigmentation performed?

Micropigmentation can take place after you have had breast reconstruction surgery.

In your initial consultation, you and your specialist will discuss your medical history including any previous surgeries, assessment of previous scar healing, regular medications and holistic well-being.

They will then discuss the colour and position of the micropigmentation. Your specialist will colour match your remaining nipple as near as possible to give a realistic appearance (if you have had a double mastectomy you will work together to find a realistic colour and position). Before you finish your initial consultation, your specialist will do patch test.

During micro-pigmentation your specialist applies pigment with a pen-like devise similar to a tattoo machine: small needles move up and down very quickly penetrating the skin and implanting the ink leaving semi-permanent colour. Although that area of the skin should feel numb, if you feel any discomfort your specialist can apply some special cream to help.

How long does micopigmentation take?

Your initial consultation will take up to an hour and the micropigmentation itself will take up to an hour.

What is the recovery for micropigmentation?

Following your first micropigmentation procedure, you’ll be given after care instructions and your specialist go through them with you.

A dressing will be applied after your procedure and you’re advised to keep this on for 24 hours, then to shower as normal and once the area just to place a gauze in your bra. Over the next few days the area will become ‘crusty’ or ‘scabby’ which will natural fall off leaving the colour on the skin.

Are there any risks/complications associated with micropigmentation?

As with any procedure, it’s possible for complications to occur although the risks are minimal. You should speak to your specialist about how best to avoid any adverse effects.

Some complications that have been associated with micropigmentation include:

  • Not achieving an exact colour match
  • Fading of colour over time
  • Scarring
  • Pigment migration or spreading
  • Uneven pigment colour
  • Slight skin irritation
  • Small risk of infection

How can I prepare for micro-pigmentation?

Before you have micro-pigmentation, you should discuss any questions you have about the procedure or its recovery with our Breast Unit Manager.

Your specialist will advise you of any specific preparations that you should make in advance of your micro-pigmentation appointment in your consultation.

Are there alternatives for micropigmentation?

Not all women choose to have breast reconstruction surgery or micro-pigmentation after having a mastectomy, and instead might wear a prosthetic breast (or breasts) or they might choose not to wear one entirely.

This is a very personal decision that is completely dependent on the individual.

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