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Bladder Fistula Service

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Are you seeking expert private treatment for a bladder (vesicovaginal) fistula?

The Bladder Fistula Service at King Edward VII’s Hospital offers highly specialised diagnosis and treatment for this rare condition.

A vesicovaginal fistula is an abnormal connection (a hole) between your bladder and vagina, which allows the continuous leakage of urine through the vagina. It is often a complication of surgery most commonly after hysterectomy or Caesarian Section, but can also occur following incontinence surgery, treatment for cervical cancer or inflammatory diseases. In the developing world vesicovaginal fistula are much more common, and result from difficulties (delayed) during labour.

Consultant Urologist Jeremy Ockrim, an Honorary Associate Professor is one of very few experienced bladder fistula specialists in the UK. He is a member of the University College Hospital specialist centre, specialising in complex incontinence, fistula and mesh complications.

Leading King Edward VII’s Hospital’s Bladder Fistula Service, he works with a multidisciplinary team of experts to ensure patients receive a personal, tailored treatment plan, which includes consultant colorectal surgeons, urology Clinical Nurse Specialists and specialist uroradiologists.

And with no waiting lists to worry about, you can be seen at a time that suits you, starting the next phase of your recovery right away.

Take comfort in the expertise at King Edward VII’s Hospital and our commitment to supporting you through the entire journey of treatment and rehabilitation. To book an appointment call us today on 020 7467 4344.

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How is a bladder fistula diagnosed and treated?

Bladder injury is sometimes recognised at the time of the initial surgery but on some occasions the hole develops (days to weeks) later. In cases where radiotherapy is involved fistulae may develop many years after the initial treatment.

Fistula causes continuous leaking of urine through the vagina. In addition to the medical effects of urine leakage, vesicovaginal fistulae cause huge emotional distress, and social isolation.

Diagnosis is usually made by clinical examination of the vagina. An MRI scan is used to assess the position of the fistula in the bladder, and CT scanning to ensure that the ureters (draining the kidneys to the bladder) are not involved.

What are the treatment options?

If the vesicovaginal fistula is recognized early after surgery then the fistula can sometimes be repaired within the first days. In most cases this is not the case. In such circumstances it is important that time is allowed for the tissue swelling and inflammation to be allowed to settle before a further surgical procedure is performed. Most specialists advocate a wait of at least 12 weeks before surgery. Vesicovaginal repair can then be performed through the vagina (most cases) or through the abdomen (selected cases). The success rates are generally the same for both approaches.

Click here for more information on vesicovaginal fistulae surgical repair

To enquire about treatment at the Bladder Fistula Service, call us today on 020 7467 4344.

Meet Your Bladder Fistula Specialist

Mr Jeremy Ockrim  ›
Consultant urologist Mr Jeremy Ockrim is one of very few experienced bladder fistula specialists in the UK, and is a member of the national specialist centre in complex incontinence, fistula repair and mesh complications.
Special interests include:
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