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Mole Health Check

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Don’t let fear hold you back.

Moles can be concerning, especially if they have changed size, shape or colour, preventing you from enjoying your day to day life.

Having a professional review your moles and provide expert advice can help reassure you.

We’ve created a mole assessment package just for you.

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With this one-stop mole health check we’ll review your moles and provide you with expert advice if any management is needed.


  • A thorough examination and assessment by one of the UK’s leading dermatology specialists
  • Mole mapping

Enquiries & appointments

Get the expert diagnosis you need to move forward with your recovery, without the wait.

For more information or to make an appointment:

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We'll be in touch within one working day to answer your query or arrange an appointment.


King Edward VII's Hospital,
5-10 Beaumont Street,
Marylebone, London W1G 6AA

Your all-inclusive package is just £595.

With this one-stop mole assessment package, we’ll review your moles and provide you with expert advice if any management is needed.

Your package includes:

  • A thorough examination and assessment by one of the UK’s leading dermatology specialists
  • Mole mapping

And with no waiting lists to worry about, you can be seen at a time that suits you, giving you reassurance when you need it.

Do I need a mole health check?

Moles are a common skin growth. They typically appear as dark brown spots on the skin. Most moles are harmless, but changes in size, shape, and colour can be a cause for concern.

These are some important symptoms to look out for:

  • A mole that has changed colour, gotten darker, or has more than two colours
  • A mole with uneven borders
  • A mole that changes shape
  • A mole that is bleeding, itching, crusty or raised
  • A mole that has gotten larger or more raised

Our expertise in diagnosing and treating skin problems

King Edward VII’s Hospital is a world-renowned centre of excellence, with over 120 years experience in diagnosing and treating patients. Our dermatologists are hand-picked as the leaders in their field, who also work at London teaching hospitals and are involved in the very latest clinical research.

Our team includes highly skilled nurses, who work collaboratively with consultants to ensure patients receive a personal, tailored treatment plan during their treatment.

Insured patients

Our mole health check is for self-funding patients only. However, if you have private medical insurance, you can still access the same high standards of diagnosis and treatment. We work with all the top insurers, so call us today and book an initial consultation with one of our specialists.

Your insurance plan should cover any diagnostic scans required, but you may be liable to pay an excess or shortfall. It is always advisable to check with your provider first before confirming a booking.

Meet your expert dermatology consultants

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose which consultant I see?

Absolutely. Self-funding your treatment enables you to choose when you are seen, and who you are seen by. King Edward VII’s Hospital consultants are among the finest in the UK, so you can be sure you are choosing one of the best for your skin condition.

Do I need a GP referral?

You do not need to have a GP referral for a mole assessment package, although it would be useful to have one.

How long will the health check take?

On average a consultation is between 20 minutes, and mole mapping takes around 30 minutes.

What happens during a mole health check?

Your consultant will take a detailed history, and then perform the mole mapping procedure. The procedure involves being photographed using a special camera and dermoscopic lens. This then creates a map of your skin, which is analysed by your consultant.

During your appointment your consultant will advise you of any concerns.

Do I need to prepare for a mole health check?

It would be useful if you can share any concerns you have, as well as any details you have relating to previous treatment(s).

What do I wear for a mole health check?

The consultant will want to assess your skin closely, so you may need to change into a hospital gown.

We advise you wear clothes that can be taken on and off easily and are comfortable.

What are the potential treatment options?

This of course depends on the diagnosis, but in general, treatment can include removal of moles and biopsy.

Your consultant will discuss all the treatment options with you before agreeing on a treatment plan.