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Topic: neck pain

In this article, King Edward VII Hospital's consultant Miss Aimee Di Marco, an Endocrine Surgeon who specialises in thyroid and neck nodules, explains what thyroid nodules are, who may experience them and treatment options. read more about The Expert Guide to Thyroid Nodules
Many people take extreme pleasure from gardening. Pottering around the garden, making it look beautiful so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour and relax surrounded by nature may be one of your favourite pastimes. But regular weeding, digging, planting, hedge trimming and mowing can cause lower back pain. This pain can become so severe that it prevents you from getting out into the garden and doing what you love. read more about Reducing back pain caused by gardening: 11 tips from the physios
Geraint Thomas, Welsh cyclist and defending Tour de France champion, was involved in a cycling crash during the Tour de Suisse in 2020, which forced him to drop out of the race and threatened his chances to compete in that year's tour. read more about Cycling: 12 ways to prevent common injuries