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Reasons Why Your Period Might Stop (If You’re Not Pregnant)

Michael Dooley, consultant gynaecologist at King Edward VII’s Hospital in London, has contributed to an article for the HuffPost that explores the reasons why a woman’s period might stop, and what to do in light of this.

“If there’s one thing a woman can count on in life, it’s her period. In fact, the average woman will have hundreds of periods between puberty and the menopause – that’s a hell of a lot of tampons. When you expect your monthly bleed and it doesn’t turn up, it can be more than a little disconcerting. Aside from the obvious – being pregnant – there are many reasons why this might happen: it could be due to the hormonal contraception you’re taking, it could be because of a lifestyle change (for example if you’re stressed or exercising too much), or it could signal a health condition that shouldn’t go ignored.

Here, experts discuss the various factors that may cause a pre-menopausal woman’s period to go into hiding and share advice on when to seek medical help…”

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