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Excessive Exercise Risks

Dr Andrew Baranowski, consultant in Pain Management at King Edward VII’s Hospital, has recently contributed to a national newspaper article regarding the dangers of excessive exercise.

“Next April, Rod Gemmell is planning to run the notorious Marathon des Sables — a six-day 156-mile ultra-marathon across the Sahara desert at a time when the temperature is likely to climb to more than 50 degrees.

It is one of the toughest challenges any athlete can face, but Rod is no professional. He is a 66-year-old retired businessman of average build and fitness from Caterham, Surrey.

Until five years ago, Rod’s physical activity was restricted to squash sessions and the occasional three-mile jog. But Rod is now single-mindedly focused on fitness and adventure.

However, last year, just weeks into his marathon training, he suffered a stroke that left him paralysed on the left side — very likely, he and his doctors suspect, caused by his excessive exercising…”

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