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Bowel Cancer Awareness Month: how we’ve raised awareness

This Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, we hosted a webinar, shared information about bowel cancer on our Health Hub and promoted our Urgent Bowel Cancer Service and new Colorectal Robotics Service.

Bowel cancer webinar proves a great success

On Wednesday 28 April, we hosted “Bowel Cancer Explained”, a series of concise talks by UK-leading specialists Mr James Kinross, Mr Charles Evans, Mr Dan Krell and Nurse Faye Jones about the condition of bowel cancer, covering symptoms, why it’s good to talk, how early diagnosis is important, the treatment options available, and lifestyle changes.

Our guest host was Dr Anisha Patel who was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer in 2018. She shared her patient experience story, and at the end of the talks we had a lengthy Q&A session with our panel, giving viewers the chance to ask any questions they had.

It was a great success, with 183 attendees and a very engaged audience for the Q&A.

Watch the recording

Why FIT tests are key to screening bowel cancer early

Screening tests for bowel cancer are an effective way of detecting it early. The earlier bowel cancer is detected, the higher the chances of receiving successful treatment.

The faecal immunochemical test (FIT) is a newer, more advanced type of screening for bowel cancer compared to the older FOB test. Both tests can be easily carried out at home, following a simple step-by-step guide.

King Edward VII’s Hospital consultant in gastroenterology, Dr Edward Seward explains why bowel cancer screening is so important, and what’s involved with the FIT test on our Health Hub.

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Common questions about bowel cancer, answered

Danilo Miskovic, one of the leading robotic colorectal surgeons in the UK and internationally – and part of our recently launched Colorectal Robotics Service – answers common questions you may have about bowel cancer on our Health Hub.

About our Colorectal Robotics Service

Our colorectal robotics service is the UK’s premier clinic for robotic colorectal and general surgery, delivering ultra-precise, minimally invasive robotic surgeries for patients with colorectal cancer, benign colorectal conditions and hernias.

The Precision Surgery Group brings together four of the most experienced colorectal surgeons in the UK who have performed more than 500 major robotic procedures between them. The expert team includes two of the UK’s foremost proctors in colorectal robotics, who regularly teach surgeons from all over the world this exciting technology.

Find out more about our Colorectal Robotics Service

About our Urgent Bowel Cancer Services

The King Edward VII’s Urgent Bowel Cancer Service focuses on early detection, making treatment faster, safer and less invasive.

Patients can receive the diagnosis and treatment they need from a world-class colorectal specialist within 48 hours of request or referral. With on-site diagnostic technology to screen for cancer and expert procedures to treat confirmed, our service provides patients with the best chance of a full recovery.

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