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Annual Report

The Board of Trustees (Council) of King Edward VII’s Hospital, registered Charity 208944, confirm approval on 21 October 2020 of the Annual Report and Financial Statements for the period to 31 March 2020, upon which the auditors have reported without qualification. Published copy is included on this page and can also be found on the Charity Commission website

KEVII Annual Report & Financial Statements 31 March 2020

Gender Pay Gap Report

This year, alongside all organisations with 250 or more employees we are publishing our gender pay gap. The gender pay gap is the difference in average pay between men and women working at King Edward VII’s Hospital.

Gender pay gap report – April 2020-21

King Edward VII’s Hospital Compliance with the CMA Order

In October 2014 the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published the Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014, which requires private hospitals to publish certain information about their referring clinicians. The Order requires private hospitals to disclose certain information relating to referring clinicians which are set out for King Edward VII’s Hospital below:

Low value services

The following low value services are provided to referring clinicians with practising privileges at King Edward VII’s Hospital.

Basic Workplace Amenities:

  • Refreshments, tea and coffee
  • Stationery to the extent that they are available to staff and persons working at the facility generally
  • Mail and post-room services to the extent that they are available to staff and persons working at the facility generally

General Services:

  • Operational and administrative services to ensure a smooth patient pathway, such as the processing of patient admissions and administration
  • IT support for issues relating to the facility
  • Billing services (recharged)
  • General clinical services, such as room space for Multidisciplinary Team meetings
  • Services provided to ensure clinical safety, including in-house training (such as Basic Life Support training)
  • General marketing support, including online marketing, consultant directories, GP education events

Higher value services

King Edward VII’s Hospital has consulting suites at 5-10 Beaumont Street, 50 – 54 Beaumont Street, 37 Devonshire Street and The Charterhouse, Weymouth Street which are rented to clinicians on either an annual or sessional basis. Clinicians who rent rooms on an annual basis are charged on a per sq ft basis. Rooms are charged at £29 per hour on a sessional basis.

King Edward VII’s Hospital currently provides secretarial services to a small number of consultants at cost.

Car parking spaces

Minimal car parking spaces are available and are allocated to Consultants at their cost.

Clinical Leadership

Private hospital operators are required to disclose details of certain paid services provided by referring clinicians to private hospital operators in addition to exercising Practising Privileges at that hospital. Please find this information below:

Clinical Directors

Mr Alex von Roon
Mr Sean Curry
Professor Caroline Moore
Professor Christina Fotopoulou
Dr Colin Hamilton-Davies
Dr Matthew Matson

The Clinical Director provides clinical leadership for all aspects of the development and performance of the service(s) for which he/she is responsible. He/she will work in collaboration with the specialist nurses and general/business management to ensure the services are safe and effective, and that any new opportunities are seized in line with the strategic needs of the Hospital. A key element of this will be medical leadership, bringing the wider consultant body with them and fostering their commitment to King Edward VII’s Hospital.

Payment: £12,000.00 per annum

Clinician Financial Interest

Private hospitals are required to disclose the details of any referring clinicians who have a financial interest in the hospital’s facilities, including equipment used there.

As a charity, King Edward VII’s Hospital reinvests all surpluses in new technology, facilities and staff development and there is no outside financial interest from consultants in our facilities or equipment.

Corporate Hospitality

We may occasionally invite clinicians to attend seminar events, as a guest or a speaker. These events give clinicians an opportunity to share their specialist expertise and communicate the procedures or treatments that they offer, face-to-face with interested third parties such as referrers and embassy contacts. Events such as these are organised and/or hosted by the marketing and business development team at King Edward VII’s Hospital, and clinicians are not charged to attend.

Events usually take place on our premises.

Due to the time of day when events take place, if the event crosses a mealtime then food and drinks may be provided for attendees. At events not crossing a mealtime then tea, coffee and light refreshments are usually provided.

On occasion, our facilities host or fund group events and may invite doctors who practice at the facility to these events. The cost of these events is carried by the facility.

The Modern Slavery Act (2015)

Our Organisation

King Edward VII’s Hospital is an independent hospital with registered charity status. Everything we do supports our core purpose as a charity, reinvesting the surplus we make to improve the healthcare provided to our patients and to veterans of the Armed Forces.

Our Business Practices

At King Edward VII’s Hospital we are proud of our vision to be the leading private hospital in the UK. Our values of professionalism, quality, respect, safety and teamwork reflect our core beliefs. We developed the vision and values through working with our Trustees, management teams and staff, and these beliefs form the basis of all business decisions and relationships we have.

Modern Slavery Statement

King Edward VII’s Hospital welcomes the opportunity to increase transparency and report on our efforts to ensure our supply chain remains free of any offences under the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

King Edward VII’s Hospital condemns any form of modern slavery and human trafficking. We operate a zero tolerance policy to any form of slavery. We are committed to maintaining and enforcing robust and effective systems and controls to prevent slavery within our organisation. As a charitable hospital, we have a duty of care to report any Modern Slavery concerns and raise staff awareness.

Our Suppliers

King Edward VII’s Hospital is dedicated to best practice in the procurement of goods and services in all areas. As part of our initiative to identify and mitigate risk, we have written to our suppliers to inform them of our statutory duty and commitment to comply with the Modern Slavery Act. We expect the same from businesses we work with.

We have undertaken an internal audit of procurement to ensure that we maintain best practice and to ensure that our due diligence systems continue to be robust and effective. We will be assessing our supply chain to ensure that business relationships remain ethical, transparent and fair in line with our values.

In addition to these measures, we will be including a modern slavery clause in our standard terms and conditions for goods and services.


The Hospital has a number of policies which support staff in their roles and with the application of the Act. This includes the Hospital’s Code of Conduct, Whistleblowing Policy, Equality and Diversity Policy and our Recruitment and Selection Policy. We provide training to staff in a number of areas and Safeguarding training is one of the areas included in our extensive programme of Statutory and Mandatory Training, as well as our Corporate Induction programme for new staff which highlight’s the Hospital’s values.

All employees are encouraged to report any potential breaches of our policy and we have safeguards in place for those who do so.

Statement of Investment Principles

Click the link below for our Statement of Investment Principles 2020.

Statement of Investment Principles 2020