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The GP – Issue 49 – 3/09/2021

The GP is a brief newsletter keeping you up to date with all things KEVII. This week’s read time: 5 mins

King Edward VII’s Hospital opening brand-new fourth theatre this month

As of 13th September, King Edward VII’s Hospital’s brand-new fourth theatre will be open for patients.

The opening of this new unit will increase the hospital’s surgical capacity as well as providing a quicker, more streamlined journey for patients undergoing treatments such as the LINX procedure for acid reflux, cataract surgery and dental surgery. The versatile facility will also allow us to recommence a full endoscopy, hysteroscopy and cystoscopy service

Fully equipped with the most up to date equipment and technology, it features four day case ‘pods’ and three recovery bays, giving patients a private space to recover from surgery without the need to be admitted to a hospital bed.

Here are some of the consultants who are confirmed to be doing regular lists with us in this new facility


Mrs Veronica Fergson – Ophthalmology


Mr Amyn Haji – Colorectal/ General Surgery


Mr Nicholas Boyle – Gastroenterology/ General Surgery


Mr David Roberts – ENT/ Rhinology


Mr Huw Thomas – Gastroenterology

KEVII acquires a LumenEye® X1

King Edward VII’s Hospital is delighted to announce the acquisition of a new innovative device, which is designed to improve diagnosis and prognosis for patients with colorectal and gastrointestinal diseases.

The LumenEye® X1 is a digital alternative to the conventional sigmoidoscope and could radically change bowel patient care pathways. The device supports with the accurate diagnosis of bowel conditions as well as detecting polyps and conducting biopsies, using a full-high-definition camera to create images and video of the lower gastrointestinal tract.

It can also be offered as a less invasive alternative to bowel surveillance in patients following bowel surgery and cancer treatments, and as sedation and full bowel preparation is not needed patients can be seen in clinic rooms or at the bedside.

Read more about the LumenEye® X1

King Edward VII’s welcomes Professor Martin Birchall

At the start of this month King Edward VII’s welcomed Professor Martin Birchall to the Ear, Nose and Throat team. Professor Birchall is a world-leading academic, renowned surgeon and pioneer in the field of laryngology. He is a specialist in voice, swallowing and breathing problems, as well as coughs and neck lumps.

Professor Birchall co-led the teams that performed the world’s first tissue-engineered organ (tracheal) transplants in adults and children and the team that performed the world’s second laryngeal transplant in California in 2010. He is one of only four surgeons in the UK regularly performing laryngeal reinnveration surgery for vocal cord paralysis and has dedicated himself to pioneering life-altering techniques via his active research and presence in the field.

Read more about Professor Martin Birchall

To refer your patients to Professor Martin Birchall, please phone our Contact Centre on 020 7467 4344 or email enquiries at