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The GP – Issue 35 – 04/02/2021

The GP is a brief newsletter keeping you up to date with all things KEVII. This week’s read time: 8 mins

World Cancer Day: showcasing our cancer care services

We’re proud to support World Cancer Day, raising greater awareness of cancer and the groundbreaking steps oncologists are taking to find a cure and reduce the numbers of those diagnosed.

It’s a perfect opportunity to showcase the wide range of cancer services we offer.

To make a referral to any of our cancer services, email

Urological Cancer

We’re one of the UK’s leading centres for urology, bringing together multi-disciplinary experts in urological oncology. The team makes best use of their combined areas of expertise, helping to improve your patients’ chances of getting the right diagnosis and a treatment plan tailored to them.

We treat prostate, testicular, bladder and kidney cancer. As well as standard treatments, we offer alternative, innovative options, such as robotic surgery and high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), only available in specialist centres such as ours.

To refer a patient to our Urology Centre, please email

Introducing Mr Ravi Barod

Mr Barod is a urological surgeon who specialises in the management of kidney cancer. He says: “I am one of the UK’s highest volume kidney cancer surgeons with an interest in complex robotic surgery. I am passionate about delivering the best possible care to patients who have been diagnosed with kidney cancer.”

Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist

Our new Urology CNS Rowena Woods takes care of patients with bladder, kidney and testicular cancer. She says, “I provide patients with guidance before and after surgery and may assist with catheter care. I’m currently setting up an enhanced recovery programme to ensure a smooth recovery pathway.”

Make a referral to our Urology Centre by emailing

Colorectal Cancer

From diagnostic tests and scans to complex colorectal cancer surgery, we provide exceptional cancer care, working together to create the right treatment plan. We also offer an Urgent Bowel Cancer service: within 48 hours of referral, our service guarantees patients with suspected bowel cancer an appointment with a colorectal specialist for early diagnosis and fast treatment.

Colorectal Surgeon Mr James Kinross who specialises in laparoscopic and robotic surgery comments, “The colorectal oncological service provides comprehensive care through our highly experienced multidisciplinary team of clinicians and nurse specialists. Our surgeons offer endoscopic, minimally invasive and state of the art robotic surgical treatments.”

Colorectal Advanced Nurse Practitioner

“I ensure a seamless continuity of care. The moment your patient is seen by our colorectal team, I am on call, tending to their every need. From arranging appointments and further tests, all the way through to easing fears about a procedure and assisting with discharge.”

Faye Jones plays a critical role in delivering bespoke, patient-centred care to patients referred to our colorectal team.

Breast Cancer

On average, GPs are likely to see about 1 to 2 women a year who have breast cancer, but you may also see a lot more patients who have symptoms of a minor breast condition – making it hard to decide if your patient has cancer.

Our Breast Health Centre offers urgent screening at a triple assessment clinic so patients can get an accurate diagnosis in one visit, including assessment and appropriate imaging tests such as:

Breast cancer surgery

If your patient is diagnosed with cancer, they will be offered breast surgery. As well as standard treatments, we offer oncoplastic and reconstructive procedures, including highly complex microsurgical techniques. Our surgeons are the only team in the UK to combine LYMPHA with DIEP flap breast reconstruction: performed to prevent secondary breast cancer related lymphedema.

Breast Care Clinical Nurse Specialist

Jenny Large acts as the first point of contact to support patients throughout their cancer journey, building the bridge between specialists and patients. She assesses each woman’s level of anxiety at an early stage and offers support throughout the assessment process and crucially after diagnosis. Jenny delivers care and information in a sensitive manner and helps your patients to make a more informed choice about treatment options.

Gynaecological cancer

Led by some of the world’s most established consultants, our gynaecology service delivers first-class diagnostics and treatment for women. From screening gynaecological cancers through to surgical procedures such as hysterectomy and laparoscopy, our team of specialist gynaecologists provide exceptional care for:

  • Endometrial cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Womb cancer

Patients are cared for in our state-of-the-art facilities – supported by imaging and the latest surgical techniques. Their collaborative working ensures a depth of understanding of not only cancer treatment, but patient needs as well.

Introducing Professor Christina Fotopoulou

Professor Fotopoulou, our consultant gynaecologist says: “I provide care of excellence for all patients with primary or relapsed gynaecological cancers and also for those who need a second opinion for complex presentations of the disease.”

Professor Fotopoulou is also Clinical Director of Women’s Health, working to ensure we access the very best in specialist expertise, whilst leading on multi-disiciplinary and collaborative working.

Gynaecology Clinical Nurse Specialist

Renata Marucha acts as the link between the gynaecology team and patients. She ensures each woman with gynaecological cancer receives individualised care and provides reassurance to patients and families.