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The GP – Issue 33 – 10/12/2020

The GP is a brief newsletter aimed at keeping you up to date with all things KEVII. This week’s read time: 7 mins

We’re taking extraordinary steps to remain COVID-free this Christmas

Patients can be assured that our hospital is safe and we will continue to work with you to provide effective patient care and support each other. 

With Christmas fast approaching, we are working hard to ensure our hospital is as secure as ever to deliver care for patients safely during this period.

Rigorous precautions in place

We remain COVID-free at King Edward VII’s Hospital thanks to the rigorous precautions in place and our highly trained staff.

You can refer patients for virtual consultations, or face to face appoi­­ntments in our COVID-secure outpatient rooms.  Diagnostic tests and outpatient services are available as normal.

Our hospital is divided into green and amber zones to ensure that patients confirmed COVID negative by PCR swab are kept separate from those with no symptoms, and from those who are without or who are awaiting a result (outpatient and urgent admissions). We do not have a red zone, as we do not accept patients with COVID symptoms or a positive test.

During the festive period, we urge the public to get the care and treatment they need. We are well prepared with robust testing in place, staff training on effective use of PPE and an excellent provision of PPE. Patients can be assured that our hospital is safe and we will continue to work with you to provide effective patient care and support each other.

Find out more about the COVID measures we’ve taken by emailing Tonya Kloppers at or find out more information here.

Find out how to refer to the hospital.

Imaging | Christmas and New Year

Imaging is open:

Between Christmas and New Year: Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve: 9am-5pm

We are closed:

Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

* Due to COVID-19, we are no longer accepting walk-in appointments.

Make a referral to our Imaging Department by emailing and via the Imaging Request Form 2020-21

Medical admissions | Christmas and New Year

Admissions is closed from Christmas Eve afternoon until 8am on the 29th December. We will close on New Year’s Eve and reopen 4th January.

Request an admission for a patient by emailing or calling 0207 467 4359 between 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

For all admissions that fall out of hours, please call Matrons Office on 0207 486 4411.

Update: medical admissions pathway

The hospital is accepting medical admissions through the following pathway:

1. Elective medical/surgical admissions – green patients 

  • All are screened for COVID symptoms via telephone
  • They are swabbed 24-72 hours prior to admission and asked to self-isolate from time of swab
  • Result must be available before admission/surgery
  • Patients have temperature and symptoms screened on admission
  • We do accept swab results taken in the community

2. Urgent medical/surgical admissions with no swab prior to admission – blue patients 

  • All are screened for COVID symptoms via telephone
  • COVID-asymptomatic urgent medical patients will be admitted to the blue zone and swabbed. Once swab result is returned, they will be transferred to the green zone
  • Urgent surgical patients will be swabbed on admission. It is preferable that a result is available before surgery unless the patient’s surgery is urgent

Swabs are sent to the lab by 11am and we get results within 48-72 hours.

Long stay patients are swabbed every 7 days.

We do not admit patients that:

  • Have COVID symptoms
  • Have a positive contact history for a laboratory confirmed case of COVID
  • Have been in a quarantine (high risk) country in the last 14 days. In some cases an exemption may apply
  • Inter-hospital transfers

To find out more about our admissions pathway, please email Emmett Steed-Mundin at

Coronavirus update: visitors

Please advise patients that visitors are only allowed in exceptional cases, and we encourage virtual visits where possible.

We consider visitors under the following circumstances:

  • One regular carer will be allowed for patients with additional needs (e.g dementia, hearing disability). The carer will need a negative swab if they are staying with patients for the duration of their stay and are required to follow the same self-isolation rules as the patient
  • For patients deteriorating or receiving end of life care

They will be assessed on a case by case basis and must adhere to our strict visiting rules.

Permission for visiting must be discussed directly with Matrons Office.

To find out more about our visiting restrictions, email Tonya Kloppers at or visit our Visitors section.

Professor Christina Fotopoulou appointed as Clinical Director of Women’s Health

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Professor Christina Fotopoulou as Clinical Director of Women’s Health, as part of our commitment to promoting surgical and clinical excellence and innovation in the field.

Overseeing our centre of clinical excellence

Professor Fotopoulou commenced the role in November and will be overseeing women’s health as a whole, providing clinical and medical leadership across all aspects of the development and performance of the service which specially focuses on:

Professor Christina Fotopoulou says: “I’m honoured to take up this position, aimed at driving forward the already excellent women’s health service provision at the hospital. Women’s health is complex and encompasses many different service areas, but by building a truly collaborative model we can ensure that all patients receive the personalised, holistic treatment that delivers the best outcomes for them.”

To refer a patient to our Women’s Health Service, please email and read the full article here.

Pain Management Programme shortlisted for HSJ Awards

We are delighted to announce that our Veterans’ Pain Management Programme has been shortlisted in the Military and Civilian Health Partnership category at the HSJ Awards 2020, despite tough competition from over 1,000 entries.

Our contribution to veteran healthcare

Now in its 40th year, the HSJ Awards is the largest annual benchmarking and recognition programme for healthcare. The Pain Management Programme has been selected based on its ambition, visionary spirit and the demonstrable positive impact that it has had on the lives of veterans who experience persistent pain. This nomination is recognition of our Pain Team’s outstanding contribution to veteran healthcare.

Winners will be selected ahead of the ceremony, which will take place virtually in March 2021.

To refer a patient to our Pain Management Programme, please email and read the full article here.

Shortlisted: Executive Chef of the Year

We wanted to share the news that our amazing Head Chef, Mark Heard has been shortlisted for a prestigious Executive Chef of the Year award! The award is the ultimate accolade for outstanding contribution to the kitchen amidst challenging circumstances this year.

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