The Rafaelo Procedure

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Get instant removal of your haemorrhoids with The Rafaelo Procedure.

King Edward VII’s Hospital is one of the only hospitals in London to offer this leading technique in the treatment of haemorrhoids.

Have other haemorrhoid treatments failed to offer you the relief you need? Are you getting little relief from medicines? Would you like to be rid of the pain, discomfort and inconvenience of this condition once and for all?

The Rafealo procedure could be the answer you need. This safe, revolutionary treatment for the instant removal of haemorrhoids is a simple walk in, walk out service that only requires local anesthetic.

Introduced to the UK in 2015, to date there has been no known recurrence of any symptoms in the 2000 plus patients who have undergone the Rafaelo procedure.

The Rafaelo procedure is the only pain free treatment available for all grades of internal haemorrhoid – available at King Edward VII’s.

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Why choose The Rafaelo Procedure at King Edward VII’s?

The treatments available for haemorrhoids today range from over the counter creams and suppositories through to haemorrhoidectomy, which requires full anaesthetic and up to 3 weeks off work. The Rafealo procedure is a top of the range treatment which can be performed under local anaesthectic with immediate results:

  • Simple procedure that can be performed quickly – with minimal pain and discomfort compared to other haemorrhoid procedures
  • Zero disruption to your daily life-style – once the procedure is completed you can return to your normal way of life including a full working schedule.
  • No aftercare required – this is a one-off treatment that does not require any additional visits to the hospital or consultant once complete.
  • Minimal chances of recurring symptoms – of any of the currently available haemorrhoid treatments.
  • Convenient central London location – easily accessible by train and The London Underground in the famous Harley Street medical district.


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