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Pain and Neuroscience Centre

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Pain from long term conditions can have a particularly debilitating effect to an individual’s psychological health and well-being. This often includes symptoms from musculoskeletal pain and rheumatological conditions. Management programs focus on using a whole palette of techniques ranging from drug based treatments through to the latest psychological therapies to provide patients with a life of dignity.

Our Pain and Neuroscience Centre brings together a team of the world’s leading psychologists, physiotherapists and specialist nurses. With specialist programs such as intensive pain management for back pain and drug reduction schemes, whatever your condition, our experts will create a tailored treatment that combines the latest developments in this field. Your recovery is our prime concern.

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Why choose the King Edward VII’s Pain and Neuroscience Centre?

At King Edward VII’s Hospital, we understand pain and how it can affect you both physically and emotionally. It means we can guarantee you the highest-quality care and solutions for all types of pain:

  • Leading pain consultants – led by Professor Andrew Baranowski, President of the British Pain Society.
  • Multidisciplinary support network – specialist nursing, physiotherapists and psychologists who are trained in pain medicine.
  • Experts in pain across many areas – including musculoskeletal, neuropathic, pelvic (including urological and gynaecological) and facial pain as well as headaches
  • Specialist pain programmes – including intensive pain management programmes for those with back pain.
  • Comprehensive service – including acute injury and disability, sports-related injury, rehabilitation and persistent pain management.
  • Convenient central London location – easily accessible by train and The London Underground in the famous Harley Street medical district.
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Meet the Pain and Neuroscience team

Professor Andrew Baranowski  ›
Special interests include:
Spinal Pain (+ 4 more)
Photo of Dr Andrew Nicolaou
Dr Andrew Nicolaou
Special interests include:
Neuropathic Pain (+ 1 more)
Dr Deane Halfpenny  ›
Special interests include:
Acute Neck Pain (+ 17 more)
Mr Arvind Vashisht  ›
Special interests include:
Urogynaecology (+ 7 more)
Mr Alfred Cutner  ›
Special interests include:
Endometriosis (+ 6 more)
Mr Julian Shah  ›
Special interests include:
Incontinence (+ 2 more)
Mr Rizwan Hamid  ›
Special interests include:
Neuro-urology (+ 4 more)
Mr Sinan Barazi  ›
Special interests include:
Photo of Prof David Choi
Prof David Choi
Special interests include:
Endoscopic Surgery (+ 5 more)
Dr Sam Chong  ›
Special interests include:
Headaches (+ 3 more)
Professor Bun San Chong  ›
Special interests include:
Non-surgical Root Canal Treatment (+ 4 more)
Professor Anton Emmanuel  ›
Special interests include:
IBS (+ 8 more)
Dr Michael Shipley  ›
Special interests include:
Spinal Pain (+ 3 more)
Professor Gerald Libby  ›
Special interests include:
Chronic Pain (+ 4 more)
Dr Andrew Hoyle  ›
Special interests include:
General Practice

Why King Edward VII's Hospital?

Photo of King Edward VII's Hospital
We don’t have to make promises at King Edward VII’s Hospital.
Our standards are apparent in everything we do…
  • Just 56 beds – because we are dedicated to providing truly personalised care
  • Hand-picked specialists – we invite only the world’s top consultants for our patients
  • Consistently low patient to nurse ratios – ensuring that every patient gets the attention they deserve
  • In-house Head chef – serving restaurant quality fine-dining meals every day
  • Supporting Veterans – providing subsidised medical care to Veterans of the Armed Forces since 1899.

There is a reason why over 98% of our patients would recommend King Edward VII’s Hospital to family and friends.
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