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FIT testing – advanced screening for bowel cancer

Decorative photo of FIT testing – advanced screening for bowel cancer

Are you concerned about bowel cancer?

Regular screening is a powerful preventative measure for bowel cancer. FIT testing is the most advanced, non-invasive screening tool available.

Bowel cancer is the third commonest cause of cancer related death in the UK. Whilst screening methods are currently offered to individuals aged between 50 – 74 years old, advanced screening is rarely available to those who fall outside of this demographic. With a significant increase in under 50’s being diagnosed with bowel cancer, regular screening is a powerful preventative measure.

What is FIT Testing?

Faecal Immunochemical Testing (or FIT), which tests for the presence of blood in a faecal sample, is a far superior screening method than that of its predecessor (the FOBT kit). The FIT test specifically detects human haemoglobin; ensuring results are not influenced by the presence of other blood in stools (i.e those ingested from diet). Additionally FIT testing uses machine analysis – removing subjective human error from the screening process.

How does it work?

Done from the comfort of your home, FIT testing requires only one faecal sample – compared to three samples required by the FOBT – and is able to detect minute traces of blood. Your FIT test kit will include straightforward, step-by-step instructions on how to complete the test. Once complete, you are required to post your sample to the designated screening centre for further analysis.

How will I get my results?

Our Colorectal Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) receives all test results and will relay the results to you and offer the appropriate guidance and support.

If, at a later stage, you experience symptoms consistent with Bowel Cancer (persistent changes in bowel movements, blood in stools, abdominal pain / discomfort or unexplained weight loss) we suggest speaking with your GP, a Healthcare Professional or you can contact our Colorectal CNS.

What happens if my result is abnormal?

An abnormal result suggests there may be bleeding within the gastrointestinal tract that requires further investigation. If you receive an abnormal result it DOES NOT mean you have bowel cancer, but you will be invited by our CNS for further testing via a colonoscopy.

Order your FIT test from King Edward VII's Hospital

FIT testing is the most advanced, non-invasive screening tool for bowel cancer available. If you are concerned about your bowel health and would like to undertake preventative screening, we recommend ordering a FIT test. It is a simple at-home testing kit with a very low threshold for positive results, increasing the likelihood of early detection and faster treatment.

At-home FIT testing kits cost £50 and will be posted to you once payment has been received (by secure link sent with order confirmation). Order your kit today using the button below, and be sure to include your full home postal address to minimise delay.

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Why order a FIT Test from King Edward VII's Hospital?

If bowel cancer is caught early, individuals have a 90% success rate at recovery. King Edward VII’s focuses on early detection, with all the specialist expertise needed for fast, safe and less invasive diagnosis and surgical care.

Benefits of FIT testing include:

  • Non-invasive – the test can be done from the comfort of your own home.
  • Simple – it requires only one faecal sample and does not require any dietary or medication restrictions prior to testing.
  • Highly sensitive – the FIT Test only detects human blood ensuring no interference from other substances.
  • Lower threshold for positive results – vital in detecting early stages of bowel cancer.
  • Nationally accredited specialists – UK leaders* in bowel cancer screening.
  • One-to-one support – from a Colorectal Clinical Nurse Specialist, guiding and supporting you every step of the way should a positive result occur.
  • Convenient central London location – easily accessible by train and London Underground if a follow up consultation is needed.

The UK national bowel cancer screening programme (BCSP) is one of the most highly regarded and tightly regulated pathways in the world. Specialists performing BCSP colonoscopy undergo extensive written and practical examination before being accredited and are subject to regular and rigorous review for the quality of the procedures that they provide. As such they represent just 2% of all specialists performing colonoscopy in the UK. We are pleased to have a team of BCSP-accredited consultants providing a high-quality service at King Edward VII’s Hospital.

Meet your FIT testing specialists

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