Self-paying patients

If you require medical treatment and you want to be seen quickly by a consultant of your choice, you can self-pay privately at King Edward VII’s Hospital and avoid long hospital waiting lists. Here’s our step by step guide:

Step 1 – Choose your consultant

One of the benefits of private healthcare is being able to choose the specialist who diagnoses you and decides the most effective course of treatment. We hand-pick our consultants not only for their expertise and experience but also their values, making sure they align to the values of our Hospital.

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Step 2 – Get a private patient referral letter from your GP

In almost all cases you will be required to provide a referral letter to your consultant before your initial consultation. Make sure you ask your GP for any relevant test results, details and other information prior to your initial consultation so you do not have to pay for further scans or x-rays.

If you do not have a GP, King Edward VII’s Hospital provides a first-class GP service with some of London’s top GPs.

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Step 3 – Attend an out-patient appointment with your consultant


Before commencing any treatment you will need to attend an out-patient appointment with your consultant. The cost of this appointment is payable directly to the consultant and you should be prepared to pay the consultation fee on the day of the appointment.

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Step 4 - Get a quote for your hospital treatment

If your consultant decides the best course of action is to proceed with an operation, you can obtain a quote for having that operation at King Edward VII’s Hospital. Our friendly enquiries team will explain what is and isn’t included in the quote so you have all the information you need to make a decision. Call today on 020 7467 4344.

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Step 5 – Book your hospital admission

If you are happy with the price and wish to proceed, either call our enquiries team on 020 7467 4344 or speak to the consultant’s secretary to find the most convenient date and time for your operation.

If you require any further information about self-paying at King Edward VII’s Hospital, please do not hesitate to call us today and one of our helpful team will be happy to assist.


Why King Edward VII's Hospital?

We don’t have to make promises at King Edward VII’s Hospital.
Our standards are apparent in everything we do…

  • Just 56 beds – because we are dedicated to providing truly personalised care
  • Hand-picked specialists – we invite only the world’s top consultants for our patients
  • Consistently low patient to nurse ratios – ensuring that every patient gets the attention they deserve
  • In-house Head chef – serving restaurant quality fine-dining meals every day
  • Supporting Veterans – providing subsidised medical care to Veterans of the Armed Forces since 1899.

There is a reason why over 98% of our patients would recommend King Edward VII’s Hospital to family and friends.
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Why wait?

You don’t need Private Medical Insurance (PMI) to benefit from private healthcare. If you need fast access to treatment and are able to pay for it yourself, you can self-pay privately at King Edward VII’s Hospital.

All our services and treatments are available to self-paying patients, and our specialists are among the very best in the UK. Recover in the comfort of your private en-suite room and get back to life with as little disruption as possible.

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