The GP – Issue 6 – 02/05/19

The GP is a brief newsletter aimed at keeping you up to date with all things King Edward VII’s Hospital.
This week’s read time: 2 mins

Meet Desmond, our Orthopaedic CNS

Our Orthopaedic CNS plays a key role in the delivery of current and evidence-based care and treatment that is required for the patient.

Desmond is at the centre of each patient’s care and is able to provide the relevant information and appropriate liaison between other professionals (Consultants, GPs, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, etc) to improve the experience for patients. He provides support for patients face to face, via telephone or via email, throughout the whole patient journey.

Support is provided at many points of the patient’s journey:

  • Pre-operative assessment
  • Daily ward rounds when a patient is admitted for a procedure
  • Post-op follow up calls and advice
  • Post-op review with consultant
  • Fitting of medical aid devices
  • Providing emotional and psychological supportOne of the key role of our CNS is to facilitate the provision of clinically competent care by staff through education, role modelling, team building, and quality monitoring.
  • This ensures that we remain a centre of excellence for Orthopaedics, providing the best evidenced-based quality care to our patients.

Photos from our Digestive Health Speed Networking Event…

Mr Alex Chung, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

Mr Alex Chung, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

Professor Bobby Prasad, Consultant Gastroenterologist

Dr Jason Dunn, Consultant Gastroenterologist

Useful Contacts

We are here for you, so please do not hesitate to pick up the phone or send us an email:

Louisa Cole – GP Liaison Officer
T: 020 7467 4555
W: For Health Professionals

Matt Williams – Consultant Engagement Officer
T: 020 7467 4368