The GP – Issue 11 – 11/07/19

The GP is a brief newsletter aimed at keeping you up to date with all things KEVII. This week’s read time: 6 mins

King Edward VII’s Hospital’s Endometriosis Centre

The Endometriosis Centre at King Edward VII’s Hospital is one of the only private endometriosis centres in the UK to be accredited by the British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (BSGE).

Endometriosis is a chronic and debilitating condition that affects approximately 1.5 million women in the UK and can be difficult to diagnose because of the variations between symptoms.

At our Endometriosis Centre, your patients will have access to world-leading techniques and procedures that can help treat the symptoms of severe endometriosis. The extensive multi-disciplinary team includes gynaecologists, colorectal surgeons, urologists, specialist endometriosis nurses and consultants with radiology and fertility expertise.

From internationally renowned consultants to state of the art diagnostic imaging, we help patients begin their journey back to health with our comprehensive services.

If you would like more information about our Endometriosis Centre, please click here.

Hydrotherapy at King Edward VII’s Hospital

Did you know that King Edward VII’s Hospital has one of London’s only Hydrotherapy pools? Hydrotherapy (water-based therapy) is ideal for patients who are not ready to bear weight, especially after foot, knee, hip or shoulder surgery. One of our Hospital’s physiotherapists, Rob Ferguson, is here to share some information about Hydrotherapy and some of the top benefits it has for your patients.

“Hydrotherapy has been practiced for hundreds of years! Hippocrates documented its use and referred to the treatment as ‘Hydropathy’, but the Ancient Greeks were not the only people to recognise the beneficial effects of exercise and therapy in water,” explains Rob. “Water-based rehabilitation was also used by the Chinese, Roman, and Egyptian civilizations, but it has come a long way from those days. Now it has a scientific approach and research-based optimisation to ensure that the best practices are being used.”

“A Hydrotherapy session usually lasts 30 minutes and it is conducted by a qualified physiotherapist. The water is heated to 35 degrees Celsius and is never any deeper than a person’s chest at the deepest end, based on an average height of about 5’7” across males and females,” says Rob. “During the session, the physiotherapist will take the patient through a range of exercises specific to their condition. Because of the buoyancy in the water, there are a lot of functional activities and exercises that a patient would not be able to complete on land but are able to achieve fully in the pool.”

What are some of the main benefits of Hydrotherapy?

  1. Reduced pain through heat and ease of movement
  2. Faster recovery from surgery or injury due to earlier weight-bearing in the water and an earlier start on rehabilitation programmes
  3. Re-education and encouragement of normal movement even if on a partial weight-bearing restriction or significant reduction in lower limb strength
  4. Rehabilitation on gait re-education and walking techniques
  5. Improved aerobic fitness levels
  6. Programmes to challenge and improve balance and coordination in a safe and supportive environment with no risk of falling
  7. Increased strength of weak muscles with a reduced risk of over exercise as the water resistance is proportional to the effort. This means as you tire, the resistance becomes less
  8. Increased range of movement of your joints through the relaxing property of the heated water and gentle exercise environment
  9. Improved independence and function
  10. Improved circulation
  11. Increased self-confidence
  12. A relaxing and calming experience
  13. FUN!

If you would like to learn more about our Physiotherapy departments, or if you think Hydrotherapy is something that would benefit one of your patients, please click here to learn more.

Summer health

With the summer upon us, elderly, immunocompromised or deconditioned patients within your Practice may be more susceptible to conditions such as urinary tract infections, dehydration and confusion.

If any of your patients suffer from any of these and would benefit from Hospital care in a cool, calm environment with outstanding nursing care then King Edward VII’s Hospital would be delighted to accept your referral.

Dr Richard Leach and  Dr Stuart Webb are both highly experienced physicians and would be able to oversee your patients admission under our care.

To refer a patient for direct admission please call 020 7467 4344 or out of hours call 020 7486 4411 and ask to speak to the Matron’s office

Respite care coming back to King Edward VII’s Hospital for August

During the traditionally less busy summer month of August we are bringing respite care packages back to the Hospital. For one month only patients can be admitted for a 7 or 14 night stay for £3,500 per week. Respite packages include:

  • Full board including private room with en-suite bathroom, wide screen television and Wi-Fi facilities
  • One visit from a consultant physician/surgeon
  • A pharmacy review
  • A weekly care plan review
  • 24 hour in-house doctor
  • Fresh and nutritious restaurant quality meals
  • Health care assistant help when required

To discuss the requirements of a patient prior to admission, please contact bookings and enquiries on 020 7467 4344

Services for veterans at King Edward VII’s Hospital

King Edward VII’s Hospital has been providing medical care to present and former members of the Armed Forces since it opened its doors in 1899. Thanks to the support of our partners and benefactors, and many individual donors, we are proud to be able to continue, at our Centre for Veterans’ Health, to provide life-changing medical treatment to the men and women who have served this country, at little or no cost to themselves.

Through our Veterans’ Pain Management Programme, an inter-disciplinary team of consultants in pain medicine, psychology and psychiatry, with the complimentary expertise of a specialist pain nurse and pain physiotherapist, aim to help veterans develop a better understanding of pain, improve mood, confidence and to increase meaningful activity, self-management and quality of life.

Our Veterans’ Pain Clinic offers veterans a 45-minute appointment with Dr Dominic Aldington, a veteran and renowned pain specialist, who provides them with medication review, advice and guidance.

If you have patients who are present or former members of the Armed Forces who are unable to receive timely and effective treatment elsewhere, we encourage you to learn more about the services that KEVII can provide.

Please visit our website for more information. If you would like to make an enquiry, you can do this by phone at 020 7467 4370 or via email at

Women’s Health Speed Networking Evening

To view the invite to this event please click here

Join us on 31st July between 6.30pm-8.30pm for a relaxed evening of food, wine and topical discussion and networking with our Women’s Health Consultants and other primary care colleagues. To reserve a place please email

Happy Pride!

We believe that King Edward VII’s Hospital is an organisation which values diversity within its workforce, not only during Pride season but throughout the year. We firmly believe that all staff should have the right to be whoever they want to be and love whoever they want to love.

We hope that everyone who celebrated had safe and happy Pride.