The Consultant – Issue 9 – 18/04/19

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This week’s read time: 5 mins.

Five minutes with Kate Farrow, our new Director of Operations

Kate Farrow-Director of Operations King Edward VII Hospital, London

What made you want to take this position at KEVII?

I had been in my current NHS Trust for almost five years and felt I needed a change. I wasn’t actively looking late last year but saw the advert for the role and contacted Lindsey. Having met the team and learning more about the organisation and its strategic vision, I knew that this should be my next role. The Hospital is going through a huge period of transition and change and I really wanted to be a part and contribute to its success.

How have you found your first 8 weeks at the Hospital?

Busy! Everyone has been really lovely and welcoming and I have had no regrets in leaving my post at UCLH. However now that the bedding in period is coming to an end I am excited to get going and help drive productivity and efficiency across the organisation. Lots to do!

What exciting projects will you be working on?

My initial main areas of focus to begin with will be supporting theatres with an improvement programme and bringing cost improvement plans in to help us spend less. I am currently responsible for Theatres, Out-patients, Imaging and Diagnostics, Catering, Housekeeping, Estates and Facilities, Health and Safety and Front of House.

All areas will have a robust action plan to drive further improvements to the service we offer to Consultants and patients.

I am currently enrolled in a Healthcare exec programme at Harvard Business School, which I am completing in May and I hope to bring the learning from that to the organisation.

How will your role intersect with the work that our Consultants are doing?

My relationships with the consultant body are paramount to the success of both my role but also for the Hospital. I have always had great working relationships with clinical teams and I know that will continue here. I have had the opportunity to meet with many already and my door is always open so I hope all Consultants feel they can approach me with anything that they need or want to escalate. No problem is too small. If we can’t get the small things right what chance do we have for the big issues so I really do mean it when I say I want to know everything!

What do you think are the biggest challenges that you and your team will need to overcome in the next 12 months?

The big challenge going forward will be driving through more activity and getting the organisation ready for the change in pace. I want there to be a “yes and can do” culture in my teams and for us to think creatively about problem solving, service improvement and staffing. Although we are “ not for profit” we shouldn’t be “not for surplus” and I would like us to end 19/20 with a productive and efficient organisation.

What’s the worst thing about KEVII at the moment?

I can’t think of one currently!

What are the best things about KEVII?

The commitment of staff to the organisation and Meat Free Mondays!

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I have a 2yr and 5yr which keep me busy and I am currently studying. But that aside I like being outside, travelling, music, going out for meals with friends and watching cheesy American Television when I get the odd chance!

Falls at the Hospital reduced by 40%

In January 2018 we appointed a Falls Project Lead, Jenny Earl, with aims to reduce inpatient falls, improve patient safety and promote positive change. (Guided by: Clinical audit, Nice CG161, Staff opinion, Analysis of reported falls incidents, The Royal College of Physicians, the National Audit of Inpatient Falls and in consultation with colleagues who work in falls safety.)

King Edward VII’s Hospital as always had a below than average rate of falls, however as a learning organisation we always strive for improvement.

Over the last year we have reduced our falls rates by 40%! We are now considerably below the national average.

Our practice is in line with NICE guidance and tracks recommendations made by the Royal College of Physicians. As the Falls Project draws to a close Jenny Earl will be stepping down from her role as Falls Lead but the good work will not stop! Selina Muzembe will take on the role as new Falls Lead. Please support Selina in her work to continue keeping our falls rates low and our patients safe.

Clinical benchmarking – patient outcome quality monitoring

As governance continues to strengthen at the Hospital we have been working on improved benchmarking and outcome measures to assure patients, ourselves and our Consultant colleagues on the quality and safe care provided.

In 2018 we engaged with CRAB c-ci Clinical Informatics who undertook a clinical risk –adjusted analysis of our data. Using a reputable methodology CRAB compared the observed mortality/ morbidity with that predicted from exponential mathematical models derived from POSSUM variable. In addition CRAB is the only system to routinely examine all aspects of complications which are identified from HES codes relationships and complex HES and process of episodes of care algorithms.

The headline findings from this review are very positive and reassuring:

  1. Risk adjusted mortality for King Edward VII’’s Hospital overall was well below expected for patient case mix complexity at O/E rate of 0.27, which is excellent. Furthermore, no surgical speciality with significant inpatient volumes had an O/E ratio for mortality above 1.
  2. Risk adjusted observed complications ratio for the hospital overall was low at 2.5% and had an overall complication O/E of 1.00 (i.e. as expected for case mix complexity of patients treated)
  3. Ward based care was better than national averages for re-admissions across all specialities

We will continue to work with CRAB on regular data analysis of our outcomes enabling us to identify trends, outlying performance where applicable and any areas of practice that merit further review. It also adds to our ongoing assurance of the highest quality and safety standards achieved in this organisation.

A peek inside our new reception

On Friday 12th April 2019 we opened the doors to our new reception and we are delighted with the results:

Front desk at the main reception

The Library – waiting room 1, with King Edward VII above the fireplace

View from inside The Library, with Sister Agnes in her new home

The Study – waiting room 2, offering an additional, more discreet space

KEVII rated “Good” by the CQC

As you know the CQC have informed us that they have revised their rating of the hospital and we are delighted that they have upgraded our rating to “Good” and noted many improvements since their last visit. We were rated Good in all five domains and for all of our services.

Once again we would like to thank you all for your engagement and indeed for all you did to contribute to this result.

Click here to see the full report.

Useful Contacts

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Jenny Davidson – Director of Governance

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Matt Williams – Consultant Engagement Officer
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