The Consultant – Issue 10 – 02/05/19

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Arvind and Andrew appointed Theatre Leads

by Kate Farrow, Director of Operations

Arvind and Andrew have recently taken on the role as Theatre Leads  to the MAC. We see this role as an exciting opportunity for them to represent the Consultant body and drive change to improve all of our theatre experience. You will have noticed areas that need improving and our aim at the outset will be to make the theatre experience more efficient and consistent, less stressful, and better organised.

It is a particularly good time for us to be optimistic about change. As the new Director of Operations, I am keen to improve the current pathways and eager for King Edwards’ theatres to do better, and to support this with time and resources.

Theatre experience improvements are a two-way process that will require engagement both from the theatre management as well as the Consultant body. We have already recognised a need to build teams of theatre nurses around certain lists/disciplines in order to have familiarity and consistency but need to channel our efforts further.

If you haven’t received the email sent earlier in April, here is the information that Arvind and Andrew would like from you:

  • ‘Top 3’ things that you would like to see change, in order to improve your practice. For example theatre equipment, availability of theatre time, procurement, cardex, theatre staff training, assistants, booking process etc. Let us know to which subspecialty you belong: ophthalmology, ENT, plastics, trauma and orthopaedics, gynaecology, vascular, general surgery (upper vs lower GI), cardio-thoracic, urology plus any we have missed out…A request that for this month, you / your theatre team fill out a Datix incident form if there is a particular problem within your theatre list. Whilst some of these will be long-standing, it would be helpful to make this effort over the next few weeks so that we can further identify and focus on key areas of improvement for all of our benefit..

Arvind and Andrew will collect this information over the next 6 weeks and will summarise their findings to you and the MAC.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Consultant fees on PHIN website

All consultants working privately (outpatient work included) are required to submit fee information for publication by PHIN as specified in Article 22 of the CMA Order 2014.

On 30th April consultant fees will be going live on the PHIN website, with a public announcement on 9th May. For those of you who have not already please log in review and approve via the PHIN portal. Please click here for the guide on how to do this.

Welcoming Dr Michael Harding and Dr Ian Cole to KEVII

Dr Michael Harding and Dr Ian Cole have recently moved their practices to KEVII.

Dr Michael Harding

I graduated from St Mary’s Hospital then enjoyed positions at Central Middlesex and Paediatrics at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town. I then embarked upon General Practice. I considered group practice but then followed my one to one concept that primary care is about the doctor patient relationship, I have enjoyed single handed general practice ever since. I have the benefit of excellent associations with colleagues, both in General Practice and specialist Consultants, and I am delighted to get to know more of the consultants working from here.

My practice is primarily a family practice, some of which I have attended into generations. I do also to serve some large organisations.

I really feel fortunate to still have the pleasure of seeing different problems every day.

Dr Ian Cole

Dr Ian Cole qualified from Imperial College London School of Medicine in 2006 and completed his General Practice training on the University College Hospital Scheme. During his medical training he achieved a degree in Medical Management at the Imperial College Business School.

Having been involved in private practice for the last 6 years, Dr Cole has enjoyed establishing his family practice. Dr Cole benefits from a wide network of tertiary care colleagues, many of whom have been established in the Harley Street Medical District for many years. Dr Cole’s patients benefit from personalised medical care, which will now be provided from the comfort and convenience of King Edward VII’s Hospital. Dr Cole sits of both the Medical Advisory Committee and the Consultant Selection Committee and has held a strong association with the Hospital for many years.

Dr Cole is experienced in diagnosing and managing the wide range of presentations seen in general practice and has particular expertise in elderly care, patients with multiple comorbidities, mental health and patients with complex medical problems.

In moving his practice to King Edward VII’s Hospital, Dr Cole will continue to further develop a General Practice which will benefit the charitable status of King Edward VII’s Hospital, provide an excellent level of patient care and develop good working relationships with the Consultants of the Hospital.

Revalidation information requests

We receive a considerable number of requests from consultants for information to include in their revalidation.

Some will provide links or forms that we complete with the information requested and others ask for a letter confirming any complaints or incidents they have been involved with in the previous 12 months. We identify this data from DATIX, which is our incident and complaints system. Incidents will also include our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data such as Return to Theatres, Day Case to Overnight conversions, Unexpected Readmissions and Unexpected Admissions to CCU which you may not be aware we collect, but we review and monitor as part of best governance practice.

We are very happy to provide this as part of good governance but request you do give us at least five working days’ notice so we can manage this workload demand.   In the future we do hope to utilise our IT systems to make the process quicker and less staff dependent.

Please send your requests to:

Useful Contacts

We are here to support you and your practice, so please do not hesitate to pick up the phone or send us an email:

Kate Farrow – Director of Operations
T: 020 7467 3224

Jenny Davidson – Director of Governance

Dee Patterson – Business Development Manager
T: 020 7467 4562

Rebecca Middleton – Business Manager
T: 020 7467 4391

Matt Williams – Consultant Engagement Officer
T: 020 7467 4368