"King Edward VII's Hospital undoubtedly has the best nursing support of any hospital in London. Professional and knowledgeable. KEVII has the advantage of a smaller hospital to not lose sight of what is important to the patient in his/her pathway as it is able to give a personal touch to its excellent care - personal experience as both patient and surgeon!" - Mr James Calder, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Louisa Francis

Business Development Officer

As King Edward VII’s Business Development Officer, I’m here to keep you updated with new developments at the Hospital, and to ensure that you and your patients receive the support that you need, including quick and easy access to our consultants and services. I also run our educational programme for GPs and welcome any suggestions about the topics our consultants/team of experts present in these seminars.
If you would like to meet to discuss any of the above, or you are interested in a CPD talk at your practice, at your convenience, please contact me on me on 020 7467 4555 or email LouisaFrancis@kingedwardvii.co.uk

"The main reason for going to King Edward VII's is human: the nursing staff are brilliant, ensuring that the patient is immaculately cared for both on the wards and in the operating theatre. Without that element, all the machines in the world would not be enough" - Professor Justin Cobb, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Out of Hours information

Admissions opening hours
Monday – Thursday 8-6pm
Friday 8-5pm
Saturday and Sunday closed

1.   Phone our switchboard on 020 7486 4411 and ask to speak to Matron’s office. Matron’s Office will be able to tell you if we have availability and the name of the on-call consultant for the speciality that your patient requires.
2.   The GP will phone the consultant to ask if they will accept the admission, and to discuss clinical care.
3.   If the consultant accepts your patient, then the GP (or consultant) will phone Matron’s Office to confirm admission and give us the necessary patient details.

Matron’s Office or the GP can then speak to the patient and inform them they are being admitted and of any required timings. Matron’s Office can arrange an ambulance if necessary.

A referral letter from the GP or conversation about the patient with the RMO is also considered good practice.

"King Edward VII's Hospital is quite an exceptional institution. The organisation in both the operating theatres and wards is impeccable. Patients are always cared ford in a most efficient, careful and compassionate way. I have no hesitation in recommending this hospital unreservedly. I feel proud to work there as a urological surgeon." - Professor Roger Kirby, Urological Surgeon

CPD events
Our events are targeted at GPs, Physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals and are usually held at our on-site conference rooms. Alternatively, one of our consultants can come to your practice if that is more convenient. The format of our events is as follows:




 Breakfast seminar

 King Edward VII’s Hospital

 Breakfast and registration  from 7:15am

 Talk from 7:30am-8:15am

 Q&A 8:15-8:30am

 Lunchtime seminar

 GP/Physiotherapy practice

 Varying start time dependent  on your practice

 Evening seminar

 King Edward VII’s Hospital

 Dinner buffet and registration  from  6.00pm

 Talks from 6:30pm- until  8:00pm

 Q&A 8:00-8:30pm

Upcoming events

  • Thursday 23rd February, 7:15am, Agnes Keyser House

‘What's New in Endocrinology? Is it Time For Change?' Dr Malcolm Prentice

  • Thursday 9th March, 6pm, Agnes Keyser House

‘An Overview of Endometriosis and the Purpose of Centres and What They Aim To Achieve' Mr Alfred Cutner

‘Colorectal Support and Involvement, and How It Impacts On Overall Care' Mr Alastair Windsor

‘Urological Support and Management Concentrating On End-Urology' Mr Daron Smith

‘The Role Of The Endometriosis Nurse' Ms Renata Marucha

  • Thursday 16th March, 7:15am, Agnes Keyser House

From Abnormal Liver Function to Liver Failure' Dr Patrick Kennedy

  • Tuesday 4th April, 6pm, Agnes Keyser House

'Introduction to Allergy' Dr Runa Ali

'Allergy Testing and Treatments: Who/What/When/How' Dr Runa Ali

'Rashes and Skin Allergies- What a GP needs to know' Dr Sarah Wakelin

'Nutritional and Dietary Management of Food Allergy and Intolerance' Dr Isabel Skypala

'Multidisciplinary Management of Allergic and Chronic Rhino-Sinusitis' Mr Santdeep Paun

Helpful documents

Physiotherapy at King Edward VII's Hospital