We are pleased to refer patients to King Edward VII's Hospital; we have been delighted with the expediency of appointments and the responsiveness and high standard of Consultant and Nursing care, as well as the positive feedback from our patients; we wish the hospital every success in the future.

Dr Belinda Griffiths

Louisa Francis

Business Development Officer

As King Edward VII’s Business Development Officer, I’m here to keep you updated with new developments at the Hospital, and to ensure that you and your patients receive the support that you need, including quick and easy access to our consultants and services. I also run our educational programme for GPs and welcome any suggestions about the topics our consultants/team of experts present in these seminars.

If you would like to meet to discuss any of the above, or you are interested in a CPD talk at your practice, at your convenience, please contact me on me on 020 7467 4555 or email LouisaFrancis@kingedwardvii.co.uk

“I have been referring patients to King Edward V11 Hospital for the past 30years and have always been impressed by the extremely high quality of consultants working there, the superb nursing staff and the outstanding level of care and kindness shown to my patients.” Dr Simon Moore, Moore Medical Practice

How to refer

If you would like to refer a patient to one of our consultants or services, please call 020 7467 4555 or fill out the booking form at the bottom of this page and email to louisafrancis@kingedwardvii.co.uk. Our team will book an appointment with the appropriate consultant at a time that is convenient for the patient. 

For urgent/out of hours admissions, please call 020 7486 4411 and ask to speak to Matron's Office. 

Patient Services opening hours
Monday – Thursday 8-6pm
Friday 8-5pm
Saturday and Sunday closed

"With pleasure I have been, for the last several years, attending CPD events organised by King Edward VII's Hospital. They are updating me regarding the latest news in the medical world and are presented by the best doctors in the UK, reassuring me that by sending my clients here they will receive the best treatment possible." Dr Anne-Marie Alon


King Edward VII's Hospital runs an annual educational programme for GPs, Physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals. These are usually held at our on-site conference rooms and all delegates are given a CPD certificate. 

Alternatively, one of our consultants can come to your practice if that is more convenient. If you would like us to arrange a talk at your practice, please email our Business Development Officer, Louisa Francis

Upcoming GP events

Allergy update

Tuesday 4th April, 6pm, Agnes Keyser House

  • 'Introduction to Allergy' Dr Runa Ali
  • 'Allergy Testing and Treatments: Who/What/When/How' Dr Runa Ali
  • 'Rashes and Skin Allergies- What a GP needs to know' Dr Sarah Wakelin
  • 'Nutritional and Dietary Management of Food Allergy and Intolerance' Dr Isabel Skypala
  • 'Multidisciplinary Management of Allergic and Chronic Rhino-Sinusitis' Mr Santdeep Paun


'Options for Hernia Management and the Painful Groin' Mr Barry Paraskeva

Thursday 25th April, 7:15am, Agnes Keyser House 


3rd Annual Poundbury Fertility Conference 

Wednesday 26th April, 6pm, Agnes Keyser House

  • 'Egg freezing – is it a good insurance policy' Mr Michael Savvas
  • 'Recent advances in IVF' Mr Michael Dooley
  • 'Embryology update' TBC
  • 'Recurrent pregnancy loss and natural killer cells – good news and bad news' Dr Yau Thum


Shoulder Update

Wednesday 17th May 2017, 6pm, Agnes Keyser House

  • Presented by Mr Andrew Wallace and Ms Susan Alexander





 Breakfast seminar

 King Edward VII’s Hospital

 7:15am Breakfast and registration

 7:30am-8:30am Consultant talk

 8:15am-8:30am Q&A

 Lunchtime seminar

 GP/Physiotherapy practice

 Time dependent on your practice

 Evening seminar

 King Edward VII’s Hospital

 6:00pm Dinner buffet and registration

 6:30pm-8:00pm Consultant talks

 8:00-8:30pm Q&A 

Upcoming Physiotherapy events

Pain update

Thursday 4th May 2017, 6pm, Agnes Keyser House

Can we influence the development of Acute into Chronic Pain?

  • Presented by Dr Sam Chong, Consultant Neurologist and Suzanne Brook, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Pain Management

“The quality of consultants is exceptional. Referring to known, named consultants within the Hospital allows for continuity of care and a seamless patient journey. Consultants remain in contact with the referring GP throughout the patient’s stay to ensure they are up to date with their progress.” Dr Ian Cole, Moore Medical Practice

Helpful documents

Physiotherapy at King Edward VII's Hospital


GP referral form

Please fill out the booking form and email to louisafrancis@kingedwardvii.co.uk. Our team will book an appointment with the appropriate consultant at a time that is convenient for the patient.