Norman Johnson is a Consultant Respiratory Physician at King Edward VII's Hospital, London, and at the Whittington Hospital, London. He appears as one of the three respiratory consultants listed in Tatler Magazine's 'Britain's 250 Best Private Doctors'.

He is Honorary Senior Lecturer at University College London Medical School, London. He was formerly Honorary Consultant to St Luke's Hospital for the Clergy.

He has previously chaired the 'Standards of Care' Committee, and been a Member of both the Executive and the Council of the British Thoracic Society. He Chairs the 'Clinical Governance' Committee and is a member of the Medical Committee of King Edward VII's Hospital.

020 7224 2016
37 Devonshire Street, King Edward VII Hospital Consulting Rooms, London, W1G 6QA

General respiratory medicine - causes of cough, breathlessness, sputum and chest pain; asthma, COPD, respiratory infections - Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Interstitial lung diseases, Sarcoidosis, Lung Fibrosis. Pulmonary Embolism, diagnosis of lung cancer, pneumothorax.

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