Dr Goldstone graduated from Charing Cross Hospital and worked at St Thomas', Kings College and the Brompton Hospitals. He completed his MD thesis at the Respiratory Muscle Laboratory of the Brompton and Kings College Hospitals. He was appointed as a Clinical Senior Lecturer/ Consultant in 1991, based at the Middlesex Hospital. Over the next 5 years he established the foundations for the Centre for Anaesthesia at UCL.

Dr Goldstone's research interests have included the science and physiology of weaning from mechanical ventilation, the bedside measurement of blood flow to the brain and the prediction of mortality before high risk surgery. He became a Clinical Consultant at University College Hospital in 2001. He is the Clinical Director for ICM at King Edward VII's Hospital and sits on the Medical Advisory Committee and the Ethics Committee of the hospital.

Intensive Care
Beaumont Street, London, W1G 6AA

Weaning from mechanical ventilation, management of high risk surgical patients, design of intensive care units.

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